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Bangalore is one of India’s most populous metropolises, which gives it a big market that has spurred the establishment of various manufacturing firms that deal in flexible packaging. Of particular interest today would be spout pouch manufacturing in Bangalore. Spout pouches are rapidly gaining popularity around the world due to many factors; they are cheaper to make, are cheaper to recycle, they are flexible enough to store almost any type of product, can be reused, and can stay intact for a very long time.

We will be looking at the top 5 plastic pouch manufacturers, their locations, the year they were established, the nature of the industries they cater to, their international connections and the type of flexible packaging solutions that they specialize in.

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Logos pack logo
Company Details

Located in the Fushan region in China, LogosPack was established in 2005 and has been providing flexible packaging solutions for the areas around it and beyond mainland China. Among the many products in their catalog, they have spout pouches, films and foils, plastic wraps, and other widely used materials in the food and beverage industries.

LogosPack has a team of highly qualified personnel who deal with the whole process of designing the packaging materials from scratch, going the whole mile to the point where they handle the storage and distribution to retailers. The company has won a host of international awards, which are further proof that the company is among the top providers of flexible packaging solutions.

LogosPack is an industry leader that is always looking for ways to grow and expand its portfolio. If you are a budding flexible packaging manufacturer or flexible packaging supplier looking for a reliable partner in this business, then Logos pack would be your best bet as they have a whole team of experts who are always ready to solve anything that pops up.

Besides the local market in Fushan, LogosPack also serves other parts of China and also exports some of its surplus products to outside countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, and North America where manufacturers are always looking for high quality flexible packaging solutions.

Coastal International Machinery

Coastal International Machinery Logo


Coastal International Machinery is one of the biggest flexible packaging manufacturers in Bangalore that has been around for a while. It deals with the provision of various sustainable packaging solutions used across the board in all the industries that dabble in daily use items like food packaging, chemical industries, pharmaceuticals, and many others.

Coastal International Machinery prides itself on the use of high-tech machinery that ensures only the best quality of packaging materials are produced. This is the reason why it has been around for many years with an ever-growing client base. The company supplies factories around India and to other parts of the world.

Coastal International Machinery also handles contract packaging from manufacturers who may lack the resources and the experts to create top of the range packaging materials. This is a quickly growing concept that has seen their profits more than double due to increased business opportunities. Most of their new clients are manufacturing startups that have barely set up enough infrastructure to handle something as complex as the creation of packaging materials on top of running their normal production operations.

Premier Polymers

Premier Polymers Logo


Premier Polymers is another reliable spout pouch manufacturer based in the Karnataka region that has been operational since 1998. In that span of time, it has been able to come up with an amazing catalog of products that have come through for many manufacturers in the region. The company is best known for its high-quality but affordable items that can be used for more than one role.

Some of the products currently under production include multiwall paper bags, spout pouches, laminated and multicolored bags, aluminum foils, flexible films, and many more used for packaging food, beverages, and drugs, chemical industries, among a host of other products.

Like most companies in this line of work, there’s always the need for Premier Polymers reinvent and adapt to keep up with the changing times. This is the reason why Premier Polymers has invested heavily in the best minds, the best technology, and state of the art machinery that has not only enabled them to retain most of their clients, but to also win new ones in the process.

MultiFlex Packaging India

Multiflex Packaging logo


MultiFlex has been around since 2004, and it is the leading flexible packaging manufacturer in the region of Bangalore, despite being around for less than 20 years. It provides packaging solutions for food and non-food processing companies that usually rely on plastic packaging for their products. The long experience they have had in the game combined with highly skilled workers and technology has been behind the company’s revolutionary growth over the years.

Some of the products that use their biodegradable pouch packaging include snacks, salts, dairy products, coffee, sugar, flour, tea, dry fruits, and a host of other processed items that are used daily in houses. In the non-food department, MultiFlex also serves the agricultural, stationery, automobile, and other heavy machinery industries.

The MultiFlex company has branches in other parts of the country with distribution warehouses which makes it easier for their goods to reach their clients who may be too far from the headquarters. Some of the  spout bags that Multiflex creates are exported to other countries outside India to as far as North America.

Prianka Graphics PVT Limited

Prianka Graphics logo


Prianka Graphics PVT Limited was established in 1990, and for 30 years, the company has diligently been providing packaging solutions for manufacturers around Bangalore and other parts of India.

The company is led by a number of highly qualified professionals who handle the process from product design, branding, the manufacturing itself, storage, and distribution. The company also handles customized packaging requests, although that does cost a little more as it requires special attention and the reconfiguration of the production machinery.

Some of their most in-demand products made by Prianka Graphics PVT Limited include red roll film, all types of custom spout pouches, laminated structures, among many others. Most of these are used in the food and beverage industries, the industrial chemical industries, among many others that create daily use items.


Spout pouches have really changed how packaging material manufacturers package their products. They are flexible, durable, inexpensive, and highly versatile. You can reuse them many times over, even after they have served their purposes, especially those that are designed like zip locks.

If you are a supplier or retailer looking to stock up on good packaging materials for your customers, visit our website and go through our catalog to see if you can find something that fits your bill.

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