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To protect the packaged products from water and moisture, laminate pouches are sealed on both sides. They can endure changing temperatures and are tamper and water-proof, making them an excellent choice for food packing.

Logos Pack has been in the laminated pouches production sector for many years and has a wealth of experience. This has enabled us to concentrate on perfecting all of our laminated pouch products to meet your demands. We collaborate with the top designers in the business to ensure that our creations exceed your expectations. If you need a high-quality laminated bag pouch, we’ve got you covered. You’ll be able to work with incredible choices that are meant to improve your experience. We make every effort to ensure that your time with us is enjoyable.

Why Work With Logos Pack For Your Laminated Pouches

  • Custom Packaging

    Logos Pack manufactures custom printed pouches and packaging with a focus on materials with specific barrier qualities to protect items from the damaging effects of moisture, air, light, and other factors.

  • Right Sealer For Your Setting

    Every Industrial Vacuum Sealer is not suitable for every purpose. At Logos Pack, we use several models and types of vacuum sealers, and each one has unique features that can impact how a manufacturing line operates.

Custom Laminated Pouches in Bulk

For many years, we’ve sold laminated pouches as a tried-and-true technique of long-term food preservation. In bulk, we may produce basic or complex “photo quality” printed packaging laminated pouches. The printed package has a minimum order quantity of 5000 and a manufacturing time of 4 to 8 weeks. Because process setup is the most challenging aspect, the price per pouch reduces considerably as the volume of your order grows.

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Features of Logos Pack Laminated Pouches

  • Gas And Moisture Resistance: Our laminated pouches are used to bring food-grade buckets and containers to life, and the presence of oxygen absorbers ensures that your food investment is preserved in the best possible condition.
  • Chemical Stability: Laminated pouches are a form of packaging that uses a soft, flexible material to keep perishable items safe. Materials such as foil, plastic, and paper are used to make zippers, pouches, and other containers. This guarantees that the food-grade remains consistent over the course of the product's shelf life.
  • High Tensile Strength: When enhanced bag strength or thickness reduction is necessary, our high tensile bags may be the answer. Because they are comprised of a blend of low- and medium-density polythene, these bags have a higher strength than conventional poly bags.
  • High Puncture Resistance: Our laminated pouches are thicker, more flexible, and resistant to puncturing and ripping due to the use of high-quality resins. Low-density laminated bags are preferable for transportation.

Laminated Pouch Packaging Solution for Various Industry

We are unparalleled in terms of supplying high-quality custom laminated pouches. Logos Pack is the most popular marketplace for custom printed laminated pouches. You may make your laminated pouches for your business or buy one of our pre-designed bags. Our laminated pouches with bespoke printing are strong, long-lasting, and long-lasting. Our laminated pouches are intended to stand up on nearly any flat surface and may be used in a variety of food and industrial packaging applications.

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