25 Jan,2021
Flexible packages

Flexible packaging refers to non-rigid forms of packaging. It is often made of plastic, aluminum film, or paper designed into pouches or re-sealable bags. This type of packaging is cost-effective, largely recyclable, and takes up little room.

The challenge, however, lies in finding the right flexible packaging company for your needs. Even a flexible packaging companies near me search would yield a ton of results to sieve through.

To ease your endeavors, here are some top brands you could consider.

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Logos Pack

Logos pack logo
Company Details

Logos Pack was established in 2004 and is located in Foshan, China. It is a manufacturing company that caters to its immediate local Chinese market but also exports its highly-ranked products to clients across the world. The firm’s ultra-modern factory uses the latest technology and has notable industry certifications such as ISO9001, GMP, and BRC. All its flexible packaging products are also SGS and FDA certified.

The Logos Pack range of products is quite extensive and comprises flexible packaging solutions for both food and non-food products. They include three-side seal pouches, bag-in-box designs, spout pouches, retort touches, and many other designs. If you can’t find what you need in their product catalog, the in-house R&D team will be available to create a custom solution that matches your product and brand. Each product is carefully vetted for quality and you can request free samples to ensure the standard is to your liking.

This company is equally committed to sustainability policies and is keen on developing environmental-friendly products. Additionally, they offer low MOQs, short delivery wait-times, and a 12-month warranty on all products. It is easy to see why it is rated as a top flexible packaging company.

Sealed Air Corp

Sealed Air logo

Source: www.businesswire.com

Sealed Air was founded in 1960 and today has its headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. It is a manufacturer of flexible packaging products and also the original producer of Bubble Wrap. The company, through a series of subsidiary acquisitions, has a presence in 124 countries and employs over 16,000 people. It develops its own product concepts and thus has over 95 factory facilities and labs across multiple locations.

In addition to Bubble Wrap, Sealed Air offers other innovative flexible packaging products such as FlexPrep and Cryovac. FlexPrep is a flexible pouch designed for products such as sauces. It eliminates the hustles of opening jars and helps manufacturers offer products with a longer shelf life. The Cryovac line, on the other hand, is a vacuum seal film that is recommended and FDA approved for seafood, poultry, and even microwave meals. It can be used individually or can be paired with rigid packaging solutions like plastic food trays. Aside from the film design, the Cryovac product line also offers you alternatives such as vacuum skin packaging and lid films.

Some additional services you could consult Sealed Air on include technical design support and custom graphics. The two would especially come in handy when you have chosen a custom design. The firm also offers consumer research, if you require some insight on what kind of packaging would appeal to your target market. Just in case you need new equipment to match your new flexible product packaging, they have a whole department dedicated to that as well.


The Novolex logo

Source: novolex.com

The Novolex brand is an umbrella company that consists of more than 10 subsidiary flexible packaging companies. It was begun in 2003 and is based in Hartsville, South Carolina. It has 61 locations across North America, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands, as well as a South American outlet in Mexico.

Given the numerous subsidiaries under the Novolex brand, their range of products is quite wide. They include flexible packaging products for the food manufacturing industry, hospitality, and catering, as well as the pharmaceutical industry. The food-related designs are particularly innovative with qualities such as non-grease materials and tamper-evident delivery bags. It is also worth noting that these solutions are designed for in-house, and to-go food services.

In keeping with the company’s sustainability policy, most products are made of recyclable materials and are compostable. Its innovation strategy is equally centred around eco-friendly materials such as the water-soluble material kind used to make their flexible laundry packaging bags. These original designs are patented and thus unique to the Novolex brand.

Heyne & Penke Verpackungen

Source: https://www.eurowaxpack.org

Heyne & Penke was set up in 1906 and is among veteran brands in the flexible packaging industry. It is a family-owned business situated in Dassel, Germany. It also caters to the global market via a well-established export network that gives it access to markets in approximately 50 countries. The company’s many years of experience has seen it grow into a full-service flexible packaging brand with state-of-the-art factories.

The product lines from Heyne & Penke are designed with both the food and non-food sectors in mind. For food product manufacturers, this brand produces flexible packaging in materials such as wax paper, metalized paper, mono, and compound films. They are available in different designs as well including twist wrappers and form fill seal bags which can be printed in a variety of brand colors. Further, all packaging products are BRC and HACCP certified. The non-food flexible packaging designs are applicable for household and hygiene products.

True to their ‘full-service’ brand, you can expect a comprehensive range of services from Heyne & Penke. Such services entail design support, flexographic and rotogravure printing, and custom flexible packaging. All production processes are structured around sustainability and also adhere to international certification standards.

PPC Flexible Packaging

PPC Flexible Packaging logo

Source: https://ppcflex.com

PPC Flexible Packaging began operating in 1968 and is today located in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. It is a privately-held firm comprising multiple subsidiary firms and has a workforce of about 1000 employees. The company has 3 distribution centers within the United States and 7 production plants.

The firm in its entirety focuses on flexible packaging solutions. However, different subsidiary branches focus on different product solutions for a variety of industries. Such industries include healthcare, food and beverage, horticulture, and micro-electronics. Based on your packaging requirements you can choose between bags, FFS packaging, pouches, shrink wrapping, and vacuum sealers. Further, they can be made in foil, plastic, or other kinds of flexible paper.

To meet the recommended packaging standards of the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries, PPC has invested in certified cleanroom facilities. This also enables them to produce sterilizable packaging products. If you would enjoy one-stop-shop packaging complete with labelling and embellishment, consider exploring other PPC Flexible Packaging’s color printing and flexography services.

Scholle IPN

Scholle IPN logo

Source: https://www.prnewswire.com

The Scholle IPN main office is located in Northlake, Illinois. It was born from a merger in 2014 between Scholle and Innovative Packaging Network(IPN). The two separate entities had previously been established in 1947 and 1995 respectively. Today, the company has satellite manufacturing plants in 15 locations and has a presence on 5 continents. It employs roughly 5000 people.

One of the earliest flexible packaging products associated with Scholle IPN is the bag-in-box design which is now quite popular in the beverage industry. It is, however, only one of many. The brand also offers flexible packaging to sectors involving food, cosmetics, agrochemistry, automotive fluids, pharmaceuticals, hygiene, and many others. The flexible packaging designs range from fitments to films and pouches in different materials. It is equally possible to order a custom design to suit your product or target market.

This firm takes on sustainability by using pro-environment production methods and by cooperating with other actors in the value chain. It additionally offers equipment solution support to clients in manufacturing. This is essential for instances where you prefer a certain design of flexible packaging but do not have the right dispensing equipment for it. Such a service could help you find a way past that hurdle.

Taghleef Industries

Taghleef Industries logo

Source: https://www.ti-films.com

Taghleef Industries mainly operates from its headquarters in Dubai. It was established in 2006 through a merger of Dubai Film, Technopack, and AKPP, Soha. The two latter firms were originally from Egypt and Oman, respectively. Since then, the company has gone on to acquire many more subsidiary brands and now has 11 factories across 6 continents. Through them, the firm has the capacity to manufacture 500,000 tonnes of various flexible packaging designs. This is further supported by an intricate worldwide distribution network.

The flexible packaging offered by Taghleef Industries is mainly film-based. The company manufactures BoPP, CPP, biodegradable films, and biaxially oriented polylactic acid. Depending on the packaging application, these films can be made in barrier or non-barrier designs. They are ideal for the food industry and other packaging applications like gift wrapping and tobacco overwraps.

Taghleef flexible packaging is further diversified into 6 brands based on their features and functions. The EXTENDO™ product line, for example, consists of high-quality barrier solutions. In contrast, NATIVIA is an eco-friendly biodegradable film in line with the company’s focus on environmental responsibility. The other 4 brands, Derprosa, SynDECOR®, Titanium™, and Shape360™, are focused more on the labeling and decorating aspect of packaging.


Coveris logo

Source: https://www.coveris.com

Coveris was founded in 2007 and its main base is situated in Vienna, Austria. There are 6 main subsidiary packaging companies under its umbrella and each brings something unique to the brand. Further, the company has 27 production facilities across the globe and employs over 4,000 employees.

Flexible packaging from Coveris is divided into bag and film versions. In essence, the bag versions are enclosed types of flexible packaging like pouches, FFS designs, and the unique Co-clip film packaging. On the other end of the spectrum, film flexible packaging is simply a roll of packaging paper often made of plastic. These two designs are adapted in diverse ways to cater to the food industry as well as agriculture, construction, mail & delivery, hygiene, and several other production sectors. As a client, you would also get to choose your product based on the Coveris manufacturing facility that is convenient for you.

In addition to flexible packaging, you can count on Coveris for film product labels and decorations. They are produced alongside the packaging solutions and can be customized to match your brand. All these products are also made in adherence to the principles of reducing and reusing as much as possible. The raw materials are obtained from renewable sources while the end products are recyclable.



Source: https://www.amcor.com

The Amcor brand history spans back to 1860 when it was begun albeit under a different name. It has since grown in leaps and bounds and operates from a head office in Zurich, Switzerland.

It has an extensive global presence with 230 sites spread over 40 countries and a staff of over 47,000 professionals. Part of this reach was aided by the 2019 acquisition of Bemis Company which has also been in the flexible packaging business for a while.

There are numerous product lines of flexible packaging solutions from Amcor. At a glance, it is evident that each product line is designed to solve a unique flexible packaging concern. For instance, the Eco-Tite® line comprises shrink bags for meats, poultry, and solid dairy products. However, they are notably PVDC-free which is something that could give your products an edge when it comes to health-conscious consumers.

Other innovative flexible packaging alternatives include: the metal-free recyclable AmLite pouches, the one-way venting high barrier Vento pouches, and the aluminum CanSealPro film that can be paired with rigid packagings like plastic yogurt cups or bottles. Besides consumables, other products such as hygiene and pet care are also accommodated in the Amcor range of flexible packaging solutions.

InterFlex Group

InterFlex Group logo

Source: www.interflexgroup.com

The Interflex group came into being in 1975. It has a United Kingdom head office situated in West Quay Road, Sunderland while its USA counterpart is in Wilkesboro, North Carolina. The company further has 4 more facilities in North Carolina and Wisconsin in addition to the one located in Dalkeith, Scotland. It has over 1,000 employees on board.

The product offering from this flexible packaging brand is sizable and presents a host of barrier and non-barrier options. The pouches and bags, for example, come in designs such as stand up, 3-side seal, and quad seal, among others. They can be used for packaging confectionery, bakery, or even hygiene products. Moreover, their seals are child-proof which makes them a safe option for parents with adventurous toddlers. Alternatively, you could go for the laminate range which offers multi-layer product protection in clear or opaque designs.

Interfax flexible packaging products are made of foil and or plastic materials that are 100% recyclable. The plastics are also free of PVDC and EVOH. On the service front, this firm is well-equipped to handle multiple-color prints and graphics. It can also enhance the look of your flex packaging with performance finishes and coatings like matte or gloss. If you need it, tech support is readily available to customers too.


The product diversity, innovation, and value-adding services offered by the manufacturers on this list attest to the value of working with a top flexible packaging company. They will go a long way in presenting your product in its best light and winning over your targeted consumer market. However, for easier logistics, it may be advisable to choose a flexible company within reach or one that has an impeccable delivery network.


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