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Our cheese packaging products are designed to offer you the best service and ensure that your products stay in great condition. We work with high-quality cheese packaging materials designed to offer durability and great preservations capabilities. This allows us to meet our customer’s desires with our well-developed products. As your go-to cream cheese manufacturer, we devote ourselves to ensuring that all your products are of great quality. We also work to ensure that our experience in the manufacturing industry gives you a leg up in the market. We’ll offer complete flexible packaging solutions that will come in handy to boost the success of your business.

Customize Flexible Pouches

Features of Our Cheese Packaging Products

  • Resealability

    Our stand-up pouches that are used for cheese packaging are easily resealable and designed to offer you the best service. This allows us to offer high-quality products that will best serve your consumers.

  • Freshness Preservation

    We work with quality films that act as barriers preventing any contamination with the cream cheese packed in our products. The barriers keep out moisture and oxygen and keep the cheese fresh for longer.

  • Reduced Risk of Leakage

    Our products are designed to remove any risks of leakage and ensure that your products are safely stored.

  • Durability

    The durability of our cream cheese packaging products is essential to us which is why we ensure that we use the best raw material. You can be sure that your packaging solutions will serve your consumers for a long time.

cheese packaging

Custom Cheese Packaging

At Logospack, we are your go-to cheese packaging manufacturers always ensuring that you get the best products for your business. We work with large to small companies looking for complete flexible packaging solutions for their businesses. To take advantage of our customization services all you need to do is tell us what you need. Once we have that we’ll provide the best solutions and quotations before commencing the production process. The best part is that our customization options come with factory pricing that you can take advantage of. With years of experience in this industry, you can trust that we’ll give you quality cheese packaging products for your business.

Recommended Pouches

Stand Up Pouch

Made from composite materials, Stand Up Pouches stand on their own with a durable bottom gusset, and can be sealed perfectly with zip locks to keep all the products inside as airtight as possible.

stand up pouch
Packaging Films

Logos Pack films, extensively used by industrial packaging machines, reduce transportation costs and facilitate the process of packaging.

Quad Seal Pouch

Quad-seal Pouch is spacious and has excellent load-bearing. It is perfect for dry items such as coffee beans and tea.

quad seal pouch

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