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Flexible packaging is one of the growing packaging industries around the world. People all around the globe are preferring flexible packing due to the diversity that it offers.

Many packaging industries are working on making their packaging products sustainable, compostable, durable, reusable, and 100% recyclable. The outcome of using flexible packaging is that it reduces consumer waste comparatively, therefore, sending less waste to landfills.

List of Packaging Companies in Europe

Are you finding it hazardous to find good reliable flexible packaging companies in Europe as there are too many options to choose from? Below is a list of the top 5 flexible packaging companies.

  1. Huhtamaki Flexible Packaging Germany GmbH & Co. KG
  2. ePac Flexible Packaging
  3. Amcor Flexibles Europe
  4. Flexible Packaging Europe (FPE)
  5. Multiplastics (Europe) Limited

Top 5 Flexible Packaging Companies in Europe

1. Huhtamaki Flexible Packaging Germany GmbH & Co. KG


Source: Huhtamaki

  • Year of Establishment: 1920
  • Headquarters (location): Espoo, Finland
  • Type of Business: Packaging
  • Certificate and Awards:
  • ICC
  • ISO 9001: 2015
  • BRC
  • ISO 14001: 2015
  • FSC
  • SMETA 4 pillars
  • Bronze award

The Huhtamaki Flexible Packaging company was founded by Mr. Heikki Huhtamaki in the year 1920 in a place in Finland known as kokkola. They have received countless awards and certificates for their superior quality of products, and service.

Their products are serviceable, reliable, conform, durable, aesthetic, and high performance.

Flexible Packaging Products that they offer:

  • Food packaging 
  • Beverages packaging like Tea, Coffee, Juices, Nonalcoholic drinks
  • Pet Food packaging
  • Tube laminates for oral and beauty care
  • Health care 
  • Labels
  • Personal care and household
  • Recyclable solutions

2. ePac Flexible Packaging

ePac Flexible Packaging Logo

Source: ePac Flexible Packaging

  • Year of Establishment: 2006
  • Headquarters (location): Austin, Texas
  • Type of Business: Packaging
  • Certificate and Awards: Safe Quality Food Program (SQF) certificate 
  • Address:  Arrow Park, Unit 4 Northampton Road,Brackley 7FG, United Kingdom

Epac was established in 2006 and is a privately owned company. They have their headquarters in Austin, Texas US and their materials and products have been certified by the Safe Quality Food Program (SQF).

Their main preference is to provide the customers a sustainable product that is eco-friendly to the environment as well. Their products are reusable and 100% recyclable.

Flexible Packaging Products that they offer:

3. Amcor Flexibles Europe


Source: Amcor Flexible Europe

  • Year of Establishment: 1860
  • Headquarters (location): Zurich, Switzerland
  • Type of Business:  Packaging
  • Certificate and Awards: They have won 2 Flexible Packaging Association Achievement Award 
  • Address: Buchenhain 14, 63776 Mömbris, Germany

Amcor flexibles was established in the year 1860 under the leadership of Samuel Ramsden. Their headquarters is located in Zurich Switzerland. Amcor had made a promise in 2018 that by 2025 they would make all their products reusable and recyclable.

Flexible Packaging Products that they offer:

4. Flexible Packaging Europe (FPE)

Flexible Packaging Europe logo

Source: Flexible Packaging Europe

  • Headquarters (location): Dusseldorf North Rhine Westphalia
  • Type of Business: Packaging
  • Address: Mörsenbroicher Weg 200, Dusseldorf – 40470 , Germany

Flexible Packaging Europe has its headquarters in Dusseldorf in North Rhine Westphalia. They are fully committed to providing their customers with remarkable service and high-quality products. Some of the products that they have to offer are as follows:

Flexible Packaging Products that they offer:

  • Cheese and dairy 
  • Frozen food 
  • Dried food and Cereals
  • Crisp, Snacks and Nuts
  • Fresh Veggies and Fruits 
  • Pet food
  • Chocolate and sugar confectioneries
  • Ground coffee and beans
  • Non food items
  • Toiletries
  • Condiments
  • Beverages

5. Multiplastics (Europe) Limited

Multiplastics (Europe) Limited logo

Source: Multi Plastic Europe Limited

  • Year of Establishment:  1979
  • Headquarters (location): Lewis Center, Ohio 
  • Type of Business: Packaging
  • Address: Columbus House near 30 Manchester Road, Northwich CW9 5ND,  United Kingdom

The Multi Plastic company was founded in 1979 and has its headquarters in Lewis Centre, Ohio. They have been involved in the packaging industry after being partnered with Premier Film Manufacturers.

Flexible Packaging Products that they offer:

  1. Flexible Packaging 
  2. Window films
  3. Health and beauty aid
  4. Industrial
  5. Food and beverages

Best Chinese Flexible Food Packaging Company

Logos pack logo
  • Year of Establishment: 2004
  • Headquarters (location): China
  • Type of Business: Flexible Packaging
  • Certificate and Awards: GMP, ISO 9001 and BRM

The Logos pack has been in the industry for almost 17 years now and was established in 2004. Their factory has passed the ISO 9001, BRM, and GMP certification and their raw materials have the FDA and SGS certification.

They use 100% recyclable packaging and compostable packaging. All of their packaging products are sustainable, durable, and environmentally friendly. Some of the products that they have to offer are as follows:

Flexible Packaging Products that they offer:

  1. Liquid Packaging including beverages and motor oil packaging
  2. Flexible packaging that includes a variety of pouches, bags in boxes, packaging films, and much more
  3. Food packaging 
  • Baby food Packaging
  • Cooked food packaging
  • Snacks food packaging
  • Candy packaging
  • Powder packaging
  • Organic packaging
  • Cheese packaging
  • Supplement packaging
  • Coffee packaging
  1. Sustainable products
  2. Non Food Packaging 


There are innumerable flexible packaging companies that you can find in Europe but the top 5 listed above are ones that provide high-quality, sustainable products that you can solely depend on.

They are highly professional and provide you with high-end services. For more options, you can visit the logos pack. It is also one of the important flexible companies that provides you with uncountable products and services.