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Pet food pouches are designed to keep pet food fresh and uncontaminated. Our pouches, in particular, have superior features such as secondary sealing zippers and interior lamination. We also offer eco-friendly pet food pouches made of recyclable materials

As your pet food bag manufacturer, the quality of our products is very important to us. We, therefore, inspect each bag using stringent quality assessment protocols to ensure it meets our high production standards.

We are a one-stop-shop for all your packaging needs. Our scope of services is wide and executed by well-experienced professionals. On costs, our bulk purchase prices are customer-friendly.

Customize Flexible Pouches

Why Custom Pet Food Packaging

  • Food Safety

    Our pet food pouches are made of high-barrier materials which are very effective at keeping pet food products protected from bacteria. They are also well-laminated to prevent moisture from seeping in.

  • Convenience

    Pet food pouches offer consumers conveniences such as easy storage and resealability which preserves freshness. Options like single-serve pouches are also handy for pet treats or feeding plans that require measurements.

  • Sustainability

    High demand for packaging products is increasingly depleting raw material sources. Sustainable packaging helps curb this because discarded pet food pouches, for example, can be recycled to make new packaging.

  • Branding

    Quality pouches with great utility make your pet food products stand out in the market. You could further enhance this by embellishing the packaging with eye-catching pet-related custom printing.

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Custom Pet Food Bags

Logos Pack custom pet food bags are applicable for both dry and moist pet foods. We can customize pouches with features such as laminated film, handles, rotogravure printing as well as different color and size options. Our low MOQ allows us to take on large and low bulk orders. A dedicated team of staff will guide you throughout the purchase process.

  • Dog Food
  • Cat Food
  • Bird Feed

Recommended Pouches

Stand Up Pouch

Made from composite materials, Stand Up Pouches stand on their own with a durable bottom gusset, and can be sealed perfectly with zip locks to keep all the products inside as airtight as possible.

stand up pouch
Flat Bottom Pouch

Flat Bottom Pouches have a flat base for standing on the shelf and five printable surfaces for printing product information.

flat bottom pouch
Quad Seal Pouch

Quad-seal Pouch is spacious and has excellent load-bearing. It is perfect for dry items such as coffee beans and tea.

quad seal pouch
Three-side Seal Pouch

3-side Seal Pouches are suitable for single-serve items with a low-cost and strong sealing to protect the articles inside.

three-side seal pouch

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