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Recyclable packaging materials are made of raw materials that can be reprocessed and used again. Such materials include glass, paper, metal, and limited types of plastic. 

We manufacture both food and non-food recyclable packaging products using PP and PE plastics which are 100% recyclable. Our design options comprise a diverse selection of pouches that can be customized to match your packaging needs. Customization also includes value-adding services such as custom printing for product branding.

Our goal is to provide you with one-stop-shop recyclable packaging solutions so that all you have to focus on is manufacturing and packing your product. 

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Why Recyclable Packing Materials

  • Eco-friendly Packaging

    Disposed recyclable packaging can be reprocessed into new packaging products. This helps in environmental conservation, mitigates the depletion of raw materials, and keeps your business compliant with sustainability policies.

  • Custom Resealable Pouches

    Our recyclable packaging solutions are designed to deliver as much functionality as non-recyclable packaging. They are resealable and can be fitted with various closures depending on the type of product.

  • Sustainable Product Packaging

    Non-recyclable packaging depletes sources of raw materials. This could lead to packaging product shortages which would subsequently affect your supply chain. Recyclable packaging is sustainable and presents no such risks.

  • Custom Printed Pouches

    Logos Pack recyclable pouches are made of flexible but resilient materials that can be branded and decorated to make your product appealing to customers. They do not fade or discolor.

Custom Eco Packaging

Logos Pack recycled packing materials are suitable for packaging food products such as snacks and beverages. We equally offer recyclable pouches in wholesale for non-food products like detergents and baby products.

Our MOQ is low to keep our services accessible to more of our customers. We also offer wholesale prices and all customization processes are executed in-house under careful quality monitoring.

Why Recyclable Pouch Packaging in Bulk From Logos Pack

Logos Pack has 15 years of experience in the packaging industry. It is this vast knowledge of packaging requirements that enables us to serve you better. We, nonetheless, continue to learn, adapt and innovate new concepts that we believe would add value to our clients’ products.


We maintain high standards of product quality control by sourcing and processing our own raw materials. Each unit of recyclable packaging also undergoes stringent quality inspection. 


In keeping with our commitment to keeping Logos Pack packaging products accessible, we offer factory prices for all bulk purchases. They are affordable and highly competitive against market rates.

Recycled Product Packaging Solutions

Recycled product packaging is highly recommendable for any environmentally conscious business. More so now that most consumers are more discerning and prefer products in BPA-free eco-friendly packaging.

  • Snack Food
  • Coffee & Tea
  • Pet Food
  • Beef Jerky
  • Powered Food
  • Sauce
  • Soup
  • Spicy
  • Detergent
  • Rice
  • Pharmaceutical Products
  • Cereal

Other Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Compostable Flexible Packaging

Logos Pack is a well-established manufacturer of compostable flexible packaging for food and non-food products. We use a variety of biodegradable materials and innovative approaches to create high-performing packaging solutions.


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