Benefits of Custom Made Pouches

Our custom pouches are manufactured in dimensions, colors, and shapes that are unique to your products. This makes your products stand out from competing brands. Custom pouches also tend to be more effective packaging solutions as every design detail is product-specific.
We harness years of experience and skill to help you choose just the right flexible pouch for your needs. Alternatively, we can design a custom pouch just for you.

lankerpack raw materials
lankerpack raw materials

Various Raw Materials

We use more than 10 types of superior raw materials, including PE film from ExxonMobil™ and Dow Chemical™, BOPA film, PET film, BOPP film, Metalized film, an aluminum film, kraft paper, rice paper, biodegradable material, etc. All materials are FDA and EU certified. Also, to comply with sustainability, we also offer customization of eco-friendly packaging materials.

According to the different needs of the products, we will recommend the most suitable materials for you.

Mature Printing Technology

Advanced printing equipment and technology have been adopted including:

  • High-speed 10-color Rotor-gravure Printing Equipment
  • Online Automatic Detector
  • Annual Updating of Color Card

And by all this, we can meet your product's appearance requirements such as bright, vivid color and excellent image quality, and help your products stand out in the market.

lankerpack printing tech

Custom Resealable Bags and Pouches for All Industries

We manufacture custom resealable bags for food products such as tea, coffee, snacks, condiments, and pet food. These bags are made using high-barrier FDA-approved materials and have highly-effective seals that preserve the freshness of the food products.
Further, we equally offer custom resealable pouches for non-food products like detergents, motor oil, and cosmetics. Each of them is fitted with a leak-proof secondary sealing method that is suitable for the product.

  • normal zipper


  • pocket zipper


  • tear notch


  • round conner


  • hang hole


  • euro hole


  • die cut handle


  • handle


  • top spout


  • no chock spout


  • clear window stand up pouch


  • custom shape 1


Why Custom Flexible Packaging From Logos Pack

Customize Now
  • Fast Turnaround Times

    Logos Pack factories are well-equipped and run by highly-skilled staff. This enables us to fulfill bulk orders for custom flexible packaging products within short turnaround times while maintaining quality standards.

  • Factory-direct Pricing

    We harness the cost advantages of bulk manufacturing to offer you affordable rates for all wholesale purchases. Our prices are also competitive with market rates and far more affordable than retail pricing.

  • Low Minimum Order Quantity

    Our MOQ is competitively low because we would like our products to remain accessible to both large and small-scale businesses. Further, all orders within MOQ are eligible for factory-direct pricing.

4 Steps to Get Your Customized Packaging Solution

  • 01 07-icon1

    Tell Us What You Need

    If you have questions about choosing the most suitable packaging solution for your products, just tell us! Our professional team is glad to develop a solution for you!

  • 02 07-icon2

    We Provide Solutions & Quotations

    After researching your products and its packaging needs, we will provide solutions (including the pouch type, size, material, etc.) with a preliminary quotation.

  • 03 07-icon3

    Confirm Your Packaging Solution

    Free samples are provided while you can evaluate the printing, packaging methods, usability and more. After this, we will confirm the solution and start mass production.

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    Get Customized Packaging Products

    We will produce in strict accordance with the established plan to ensure that all your needs are met. All packaging products will be sent to you within 30 days.

Get FREE flexible packaging samples for your products!