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Logos Pack is a creative and dependable one-stop-shop for pharmaceutical packaging solutions. We create standards in pill, liquid, and equipment pouch packaging while collaborating with our industry network of clients and partners to offer premium quality goods to patients.

Our sophisticated pharmaceutical and medical stand-up pouches, flat pouches, and laminated roll stock films are designed to protect goods against moisture, oxygen, light, odor, chemical resistance, and contamination while also extending shelf life.

What’s more, our aluminum foil pouches are a simple way to seal pharmaceutical flexibWhy Pharmaceutical Packaging From Usle packaging, making your goods more consumer-friendly for patients who need to reseal them for recurrent usage.

Customize Flexible Pouches

Why Pharmaceutical Packaging From Us

  • Versatility and Safety

    Our stand-up pouches are the preferred option of medical packaging in the pharmaceutical sector due to their versatility and safety. We provide an appealing alternative to traditional packaging, which has traditionally been functionally constrained.

  • Have a Protective Barrier

    Because of the unique characteristics of our aluminum foil packaging, standup pouches are ideal for pharmaceutical packaging. They provide a barrier that keeps pollutants such as moisture, air, and light away from medical items. This increases the shelf life of medicines, making them safer for patients.

  • Reusable and Resealable

    Our flexible packaging solutions offer a simple way to seal pharmaceutical packaging, making your goods more consumer-friendly for patients who need to reseal them for recurrent usage.

  • Custom Made

    Logos Pack is a comprehensive pouch production and supplying company, which can deliver flexible pouches that you need. You can customize them based on your requirements.

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Custom Pharmaceutical Packaging

At Logos pack we offer pharmaceutical stand up pouch packaging that may be customized in terms of sterility, breathability, stiffness, size, and dimensions, allowing even the most delicate medications to be securely delivered.

Medical packaging might take one of the various forms:

Single-use pharmaceutical items are packaged in individual wrappers. This form of packaging is frequently coupled with blister packs.

Blister packaging is used to protect individual medical goods from infection by encasing them within a bigger container.

Because every design aspect is product-specific, custom pouches are also more effective packaging options.

All of our pharmaceutical packagings are featured:

  • Tear notch
  • Re-closable Zipper
  • Variety of spouts
  • Ergonomic handle

Recommended Pouches

Three-side Seal Pouch

3-side Seal Pouches are suitable for single-serve items with a low-cost and strong sealing to protect the articles inside.

three side seal with zip
Flat Bottom Pouch

Flat Bottom Pouches have a flat base for standing on the shelf and five printable surfaces for printing product information.

flat bottom pouch

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