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Your Professional Stand-Up Pouch Manufacturer

 The Stand-Up Pouch is a specialized packaging product that holds its shape and stands upright. With this feature, you can enhance your product’s appeal and marketing range as well as ensure the quality of the products. Our stand-Up Pouches in bulk are created to stand out and be different from other products on the shelves.

Logos Pack specializes in manufacturing a range of high-quality packaging materials for food and non-food industries. We currently have two factories, one with five production lines, and the other with two production lines. Both our factories are equipped with advanced manufacturing technology that allows us to produce high volumes of stand up pouches that are high-quality, durable, and safe.


  • Eco-Friendly and Durable Materials

    The Logos Pack stand-up pouch is made from quality eco-friendly materials tested according to FDA and EU standards. These materials are also durable enough to take a great degree of damage. When dropped from a great height, it will still retain its shape and protect its contents.

  • Great Barrier Features

    The Stand-Up pouch is designed to make sure that its contents are 100% sealed to avoid contact with dust, air, dirt, etc., and to increase the shelf life of the products.

  • Cost-effective

    Our stand up pouches are made with lightweight materials that are generally more affordable compared to other packaging materials. Since they are light and easy to transport, delivery costs are also lower.

  • Strong Brand Recognition

    Logos Pack offers appealing colors and great graphic opportunities for its stand up pouches that will help strengthen your brand. With their ability to stand out on shelves, our stand up pouches will truly catch the eyes of your customers.

Get Your Stand-Up Pouch Custom

Do you want your product to stand out even further? Why not have it customized? At Logos Pack, you can have your custom stand-up pouch made according to your specifications. Tell us what you need, and we will have our technicians whip up a free sample for you. We can customize:
Customize Now
  • Zippers (normal zipper, pocket zipper, slider zipper, alix zipper)
  • Bag Shape
  • Tear Notch
  • Laser Score Line
  • One Way Degassing Valve
  • Clear Window
  • Logo & Printing & Foil Stamped
  • Holes (Hang Hole, Euro Hole)
  • Handles
  • normal zipper
  • tear notch
  • euro hole
  • clear window stand up pouch

Stand Up Pouch Gallery

Logos Pack Offers Wholesale Stand-Up Pouches

The Logos Pack stand-up pouch ensures your product is safe and protected from chemicals, oxygen and moisture. At the same time, our bags have fast heat seal and pressure resistance, preventing bag leakage and product deterioration even when dropped from a height. These properties will serve your products and bring more business value to your products.

Stand Up Pouch is the ideal food container. Our mature printing technology can better express the bright colors of the products and greatly attract the attention of customers.

Get Bulk Logos Pack From Us

  • High Product Quality: Logos Pack Stand-Up pouches are all BRC, ISO22000, GMP, HACCP, FSSC, and FDA approved. This ensures that our clients get the best quality products available.
  • Excellent Experience: We have acquired several loyal customers, such as ALDI, Ritual, K9, Mehran, 4D, Woolworths, and more.
  • Competitive Factory Pricing: Our manufacturing plant is equipped with top-of-the-line machinery and production technology, which allows us to sell our wholesale stand-up pouches at very competitive prices.
  • 24-Month Product Warranty: We assure all of our clients that we will exchange the products for free.

Stand-Up Pouch Packaging Solution

Logos Pack stand up pouches are versatile and can be used in various industries, such as food, chemical, and paint packaging. Our wholesale stand up pouches are ideal for storing


By choosing Logos Pack, you can be confident that your products are not only well-sealed but eye-catching as well! Contact us today for bulk orders!

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Printed Stand Up Pouches For Better Branding

At the Logos Pack, our product line is mostly made up of multi-color printed pouches and stand-up pouches. Over the years, we have provided cost-effective and customized printed flexible packaging solutions in line with the specified sizes and designs of the customer’s needs, while remaining consistent with the industry’s most recent technical developments. 


Branding your goods with our printing solutions is likely to have the largest influence on the consumer who hasn’t yet made up her decision, failing which you may never have the opportunity to capture her attention again. Apart from producing items for direct sale to our clients, we also produce and carry out different printing and laminating procedures.


Versatile Stand-up Pouch Properties For Your Specific Needs

The flexibility of stand-up pouches is the main reason for their appeal. Our stand-up pouches may store everything from liquids and solid meals to entirely non-food things. We help design and produce stand-up pouches with a lot of user-friendly properties. 

  • Spout stand-up bags: They are an excellent substitute for plastic bottles since they are simple to use and secure to shut. 
  • Resealable stand up pouches: Easy-to-reseal stand up bags will offer your customers an advantage when it comes to food packaging and more applications.
  • Biodegradable stand up pouches: You can utilize eco-friendly stand-up pouches to get trust from those brands who need green packaging.  

Get FREE flexible packaging samples for your products!