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Logos Pack is a leading manufacturer and supplier of flexible packaging film. The roll stock film is extensively used by many industries to form spout pouches, stand up pouches, flat bottom pouches, and other form-fill-seal applications.

We produce packaging films that are conducive to form-fill-seal operations and match the automatic production needs of our clients. They are easy to transport and distribute, which contributes to their low-cost. All our films are made from FDA and SGS certified raw material. To comply with sustainability, we also offer customization of eco-friendly packaging materials.

Why Our Packaging Film

  • Simplified Packaging Option

    The Logos pack film is a simple yet versatile publishing option. This type of packaging could be manipulated into various shapes and sizes with as minimal effort as possible.

  • Cost-Efficient

    By using logos pack film, industries could simplify their packaging systems into three steps which are printing, shipping, packaging. It also helps reduce production costs by 25%.

  • FDA and SGS Certified Materials

    All raw materials used by Logos Pack are FDA and SGS certified. This ensures that all our products are as eco-friendly as possible.

  • Versatile Marketing Opportunities

    Logos pack offers eye-catching printing options for its packaging film. With this service, industries could now add appealing graphics to their flexible packaging film. This will undoubtedly help enhance the product’s marketing appeal.

Order Your Custom Film Packaging

Do you want your film packaging at a certain thickness or a specific material? You should have it customized! At Logos Pack, you have the option to customize your film packaging. Take the chance to work with our technicians, and get a free sample. We customize:

Customize Now
  • Resealable Zipper
  • Laser Score Line
  • Logo & Printing
  • Clear Window

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Logos Pack: Flexible Packaging Film Manufacturer

Logos Pack film produces neat and beautiful packaging. Our printed films not only package a product but also advertise their details and enhance their visual appeal.

In addition, the film protects the products by acting as a sheet between them and harmful agents (chemical, air, moisture, dust). Film packaging enhances the customers’ brand value by providing sustainable material for pouch packaging. Its low cost increases its sales volume, thus becoming a source of profit for the brand.

Why Wholesale Packaging Film From Us

  • High Product Quality: All Logos Pack products are BRC, ISO22000, GMP, HACCP, FSSC, and FDA approved. All our products go through in-depth quality control. This ensures that our clients only get the best.
  • Excellent Experience: Logos Pack has been in the flexible packaging business for over 15 years. Throughout this time, the company has been involved with top companies such as Ritual, K9, Mehran, Woolworths and so much more.
  • Competitive Factory Pricing: Our facilities are installed with high-precision machinery that allows us to manufacture our foil packaging in huge numbers. This gives us a chance to sell our wholesale films, at very competitive prices.
  • 24-Month Product Warranty: As a reliable packaging film manufacturer, we offer a 24-month warranty for all of our products. As we aim for 100% customer satisfaction, we will replace all products for free if it is evident that there are quality problems.

Custom Film Packaging Solution

Logos Film is multipurpose packaging at its best. This product can be used in various industries such as

By choosing wholesale Logos Pack products you are assured superior and easy-to-use packaging solutions. Contact us today for bulk orders!

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