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Bulk Flexible Pouches Supplier

Our state-of-the-art factories are fully-equipped with ultramodern machinery thereby enabling us to effectively supply bulk orders. We design and produce an extensive range of flexible pouches for both food and non-food products. They include stand-up pouches, spout pouches, flat bottom pouches, and dozens more. We also supply custom pouch designs.

Providing Sustainable Pouch Packaging Solutions

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Sustainable packaging entails the use of recyclable or compostable materials to produce packaging products. It minimizes the exploitation of raw materials and helps to curb waste pollution.

At Logos Pack, we are passionate about sustainability. We develop and create sustainable pouch packaging using biodegradable and 100% recyclable materials. They are highly-effective, eco-friendly, and best of all, sustainable.

Sustainable packaging is ideal for industries such as the retail and food sectors which require bulk long-term supply of packaging. We have the capacity to keep up with such demand and are constantly innovating to come up with even more sustainable packaging solutions.

Know Our Sustainable Packaging

All-in-one Flexible Pouch Solution

Custom Flexible Liquid Packaging

Custom flexible liquid packaging offers great utility to consumers as it is leak-proof, not prone to breakage, and makes products easy to store due to flexibility. Further, it keeps detergents, cosmetics, and motor care products in prime condition for long shelf-lives.

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Custom Printed Food Packaging

High-barrier flexible food pouches protect food from contaminants like bacteria and aeration which accelerate perishability. Additionally, by maintaining optimal conditions, they preserve the flavor of the food until consumers get to enjoy it. Other pouch benefits include temperature-resistance and non-reactivity.

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Flexible Solutions to Customize Your Pouches

  • lankerpack pouch types

    Pouch Types

    Different pouch types including spout pouches, stand up pouches, etc., aim to meet your actual needs. We will recommend you the most suitable one.

  • Various Raw Materials

    We provide a specific compounding solution by selecting the most suitable raw materials from various types of films and laminating.

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  • lankerpack printing process

    Printing & Decoration

    Advanced printing technology is helpful in providing a variety of decorative solutions to bring brand value to your products.

  • Functional Features

    We provide a variety of customized components for your packaging to meet your needs, including zippers, spouts, handles, etc..

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lankerpack quality incpection

Certified Packaging Quality From a Top-class Factory

The Logos Pack factory is equipped with top-of-the-range technology that is used to develop, produce, and quality test all our products. All production tasks are performed by well-experienced employees who strive to ensure that every product unit matches our strict quality standards.

All our flexible packaging products are made using FDA and SGS certified raw materials. Our production methods equally adhere to international standards of safety hence our multiple international certifications.

Our Quality Control System

4 Steps of Navigating Your Custom Flexible Pouch Project

  • Initiate your project

    Simply contact us with a detailed description of your desired custom flexible packaging including product type and any special features. Our team will respond within 24 hours.

  • The template

    Our design team will suggest solutions and present to you design options as per the requirements you presented. You may also submit artwork or choose from our collection.

  • Design Samples

    Once the design is ready we will send you a digital and a physical sample of your custom packaging for testing, approval, and or, any modification requests.

  • Production and delivery

    After all design modifications have been made and you approve of the design, we will begin production. Your flexible packaging products will be delivered within 30 days.

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