Exclusive Flexible Packaging for Your Brand

Logos Pack manufactures safe and high-quality flexible packaging for various food and non-food industries. Our chief products are pre-made pouches, such as spout pouch, stand-up pouch, flat bottom pouch, retort pouch, roll film, etc.. We also offer customization options for product size, logo, decoration, color and much more.

Flexible Packaging Applications

  • Food and Beverage Industries: From our airtight wraps to shelf-stable Flexible packaging solutions we ensure secure food supply from farm to table and long-term preservation.
  • Non-Food Packaging: We offer a wide range of flexible packaging solutions for pharmaceutical, beauty, and personal care sector solutions. Choose from a variety of sizes, designs, and colors to satisfy all of your marketing needs.
  • Liquid Packaging: Any of our long-lasting and dependable bags or pouches are excellent for packing liquid items. They create an excellent airtight atmosphere that is puncture-proof and available in either opaque to prevent needless exposure to environmental factors or clear to increase the shelf appeal of your items.

Custom Flexible Packaging Solution

Your clients will notice your packing before they notice your goods. Give them something they can’t resist! Because each client we work with has a distinct brand and product, we provide several custom printing solutions to accommodate those distinctions. Our premium and professional flexible pouches, as well as our bespoke printing and labels, will quickly express to your clients that your home goods are of the highest quality and efficacy.

Professional Flexible Packaging Company in China

Logos Pack is one of the world’s major flexible packaging manufacturers, both in China and globally. We take pleasure in constantly providing high-quality packing solutions on which all of our clients may trust. We provide a range of choices, each with unique features meant to be utilized in a variety of applications.

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