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BiB (bag in box) is a type of container for storage and mainly used to transport liquids. It usually made of specialized film and fitment structures and could be seated inside the boxes. It is designed to facilitate transportation in industries such as beverages, dairy, wines, industrial fluids, and many others.

Logos Pack is one of the top bag in box manufacturers in the world. As of now, our facilities consist of two factories, with multiple production lines. This makes us fully-equipped to provide our clients with wholesale packaging solutions in the most efficient and effective way possible. All our products are also eco-friendly and FDA and SGS approved.

Why Choose Our Bag in Box

  • Efficient Barrier Design

    The Logos Pack bag in box packaging is designed to insulate its contents from the outside world. This helps ensure the conditions of the product so it can be transported without any danger of spillage or bursting.

  • User-Friendly materials

    Our wholesale bag in box packaging is designed to be as user-friendly as possible. Despite the relative durability of our packaging, they can still be opened with minimal fuss.

  • Cost-Effective Options

    By choosing our wholesale bag in box packages, companies will no longer have to use rigid glass containers. This helps lessen costs and makes storage and shelving so much easier and efficient.

  • Efficient Preservation

    The bag in box package is made of eco-friendly materials. This adds multiple layers of protection against spoilage and bacteria. By using these quality materials, we are ensuring that your products are as well-preserved as possible.

Order Your Custom Bag in Box

Customize Now

Do you want to give your packaging product a new feature or measurement? Maybe you should have it customized. With our help, you can have your custom bag in a box built according to your needs. By customizing your bag in a box packaging, you will have your choice of VITOPS taps.

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Bag in Box Gallery

Logos Pack Offers Wholesale Bag in Boxes

Every brand image has a distinct package layout. The Logos Pack  Bag in Box is one of our most unique and innovative storage solutions. Our bag in box packaging fulfills your brand’s graphical representation requirements such as the brand logo, color scheme, font, and product details so that it effectively targets the audience. Its large capacity also makes it cost-effective.

Moreover, our bag in box keeps the product safe from air, moisture and heat spoilage. This lets our customers preserve the liquid for long term usage. The practicality of the product will also increase the value of your brand.

Wholesale Bag in Boxes

  • High Product Quality: All Logos Pack Bag in Boxes are BRC, ISO22000, GMP, HACCP, FSSC, and FDA approved. Our products also go through quality assessment, to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Excellent Experience : Logos Pack is a flexible packaging supplier with over 15 years of experience. We provide quality packaging to companies such as Ritual, K9, 4D, and Woolworths to name just a few.
  • Competitive Factory Pricing: The Logos Pack company boasts two factories that have multiple production lines. This allows us to assemble our products in record time. It also allows us to sell our wholesale bags in boxes at very affordable prices.
  • 24-Month Product Warranty: As a company, Logos Pack puts great importance on customer satisfaction, so we offer a 24-month warranty for our bag-in-box pouches. If it is proven that there are quality issues, we will replace the products for free.

Bag in Box Packaging Solution

Logos Pack Bag in a Box Packaging is one of our most ingenious products, and it is capable of storing various liquids such as



By ordering bags in boxes in bulk, you’ll have access to top-quality packaging solutions. Contact us today for bulk orders!

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