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Logo Pack is a flexible packaging manufacturer that prides itself on producing quality products, our quad seal packaging is amongst the best. Logo Pack only uses FDA and NGS certified raw materials. This makes all our quad seal pouches not only top-of-the-line but eco-friendly as well.

If you are looking for quality wholesale seal pouches, then Logos Pack has the product for you. Our quad seal pouches are robust and can hold up to 25kg of weight. Side-gussets account for a vertical or horizontal display of these pouches on the shelf. Quad seal pouch packaging has a unique design that prevents bursting.

Why Choose Our Quad Seal Pouches

  • 4 Side Seal Pouch Design

    With a robust quad seal design, our 4 side seal pouches will be able to bear as much product as possible. This will ensure that our clients get the most out of their money.

  • Robust and High-Quality Materials

    Our seal pouches are all made from high-quality materials that allow them to take heavy lifting. They are capable of holding over 25 kg of weight, without bending or getting out of shape.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing Prints

    Logos Pack has the technology and equipment to create high-definition prints on your seal pouches.  These beautifully crafted designs will allow your seal pouches to stand out from other products on the shelf.

  • Effective Seal Pouch Packaging

    With our efficient seal pouch technology, your products could now be transported and stored in less-than-optimum conditions, and still not get damaged.

Customize Your Sturdy Quad Pouches

If you are looking to customize your quad pouches according to your exact specifications, then you are in luck! The Logos Pack company is more than equipped to help you with all your customization needs. We can customize:

Customize Now
  • Zippers (normal zipper, pocket zipper, slider zipper, alix zipper)
  • Tear Notch
  • Laser Score Line
  • One Way Degassing Valve
  • Clear Window
  • Logo & Printing
  • Bag Shape
  • Holes (hang hole, euro hole)
  • Tin-tie
  • 7
  • 6
  • 5
  • 8 3

Quad Seal Pouch Gallery

Reliable Quad Seal Pouch Manufacturer

Our quad seal pouches are stand up pouches that have excellent shelf appeal. They can be vertically or horizontally displayed to show off your brand’s design. Besides, a quad seal pouch can hold its shape on the shelf, has good load-bearing and is easy to carry.

Logos is always working hard on consciously to improve our printing technology. So our superior printing process highlights your brand trademark on the pouch surface to appeal to your buyers.

Your Best Choice for Quad Seal Pouch

  • High Product Quality: Logos Pack Quad Seal Pouches are BRC, ISO22000, GMP, HACCP, FSSC, and FDA approved. Before any of our products reach the shelves, they undergo intense quality checks, to ensure the best quality for our clients.
  • Excellent Experience: Logos Pack boasts over 15 years of experience in the flexible packaging industry. We have helped top companies all over the world with their packaging needs, and provide a wide selection of packaging products.
  • Competitive Factory Pricing: Our manufacturing facilities and production techniques rank with some of the best in the world. This gives us the leeway to sell our products wholesale at the best prices ever.
  • 24-Month Product Warranty: One of our main goals is to provide all of our clients with products of premium quality. Because of this, we offer a warranty for 24 months after the products are being dispatched from the factory. If it is clear that there are quality issues, we will replace your products for free.

Quad Seal Pouch Packaging Solution

Logos Pack has accumulated over 15 years’ worth of experience, technology, and resources to give you quality quad seal bags. Our bags could handle a wide range of materials such as



By choosing Logo Pack to create your Quad Seal Pouches, you will be in good hands. They are not only robust and environment-friendly but visually striking as well!

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