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At Logos Pack, we provide flexible liquid packaging that enables simple on-the-go drinking because it is lightweight and easy to transport. It’s also worth noting that, unlike bottles, pouches don’t shatter.  Since liquids require high-barrier packaging to keep them fresh and contaminant-free. Our customized liquid packaging solutions are excellently fulfilled by impermeable beverage pouches, which retain beverage quality just as well as stiff alternatives like glass.


Benefits of Plastic Pouches for Liquid Industry

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    Flexible Liquid Packaging Solutions

    Our Flexible pouch packaging is intended to decrease product waste, increase dispensing efficiency, and protect the integrity and freshness of your liquids. Additional benefits are:


    ⭐ Low initial investment

    ⭐ Containers that are more energy-efficient than hard plastic, glass, or tin containers

    ⭐ Reduces product waste and the possibility of breakage.

    ⭐ Stackable and lightweight for easy transit and storage

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    Limitless Branding Printing

    Our company has a lead team of experienced designers that provide unique artwork to be printed on nearly any flexible packaging. Eye-catching graphics on versatile liquid packaging to make your beverage packaging outstanding.

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    Friendly to Storage and Cost Saving

    Our flexible liquid packaging solutions can be custom-ordered with barrier characteristics. The film’s barrier characteristics make them flexible and useful for a wide range of hygroscopic and/or oxygen-sensitive goods. These materials are both eco-friendly and cost-effective.

Custom Printed Liquid Pouch Packaging Options

Custom Services

At logos pack, Custom pouches are made in sizes, colors, and forms that are exclusive to your items. This distinguishes your items from those of competitors. Because every design aspect is product-specific, custom pouches are also more effective packaging options.

Liquid Pouch Bag With Spout

We offer spouted pouches with unusual shapes to allow for flexible filling, either directly through the spout or through a gap in the film that is afterward sealed. They are stable and convenient for use.

Bag-in-Box liquid Packaging

Our bag-in-box packaging technology is ideal for non-carbonated liquid fillings such as wine. It is exactly what it sounds like: a corrugated board box with a bag inside. The bag-in-box also includes a built-in tap for convenient dispensing.

Stand Up Liquid Pouches

We offer stand-up pouches that can be filled hot or cold and refrigerated, frozen or stored at room temperature. Each pouch is intended to meet the unique demands of the product: how it will be filled, delivered, kept, and eventually sold on a retail shop shelf.

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