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Sauce pouches are flexible packaging products used for condiments such as ketchup or mustard. Our designs are leak-proof and are fitted with easy-to-use dispensing mechanisms to deliver a pleasant user experience.

We use high-quality raw materials and ultra-modern equipment to produce quality packaging that presents your product at its best. We are also keen on offering you great value hence, bulk purchases are billed at wholesale rates. 

Our team has invaluable skill sets that have been perfected for over a decade. As your packaging supplier, we are thus well-capable of providing a comprehensive host of services for all your packaging needs.

Customize Flexible Pouches

Why Custom Sauce Packets

  • User Friendly

    Unlike rigid bottles, sauce packets are easy to open and can be squeezed to dispense condiments. Easy squeezing also enables consumers to use the condiment to the last drop.

  • Convenience

    Sauce pouches are easy to store and can be designed to be resealable for prolonged use. Single-serve condiment packaging is also quite convenient in settings such as restaurants and catered events.

  • Preserves Freshness

    Our sauce pouches are heat-sealed and made of high-barrier materials to ensure condiments remain fresh. They are also non-reactive and thus do not alter the taste of the condiment.

  • Cost-effectiveness

    Flexible sauce packaging is affordable and delivers great service value to both manufacturers and consumers. Unlike rigid packaging, it can be printed on and attracts no extra costs for stick-on labels.

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Custom Sauce Packets

Logos custom sauce packets can be used for a wide range of edible sauces, syrups, honey among other condiments. We provide custom solutions such as diverse dispensing mechanisms, color, and size modifications as well as custom printing. Our production capacity allows us to handle bulk orders but our MOQ is set low as we cater to and value small-scale businesses too.

  • Sauce
  • Honey

Recommended Pouches

Spout Pouch

Spout pouches are extensively used for liquid and powdered products. Spout pouches are portable, light and maximize product use for customers.

pouch packaging
Stand Up Pouch

Made from composite materials, Stand Up Pouches stand on their own with a durable bottom gusset, and can be sealed perfectly with zip locks to keep all the products inside as airtight as possible.

stand up pouch
Three-side Seal Pouch

3-side Seal Pouches are suitable for single-serve items with a low-cost and strong sealing to protect the articles inside.

three-side seal pouch
Packaging Films

Logos Pack films, extensively used by industrial packaging machines, reduce transportation costs and facilitate the process of packaging.


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