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Logos Pack baby food pouches have fun and trendy designs. They are safe for children to use with convenient features such as squeeze-to-drink and replaceable caps.

More than a decade in the business has helped us continually perfect our craft. We maintain high production standards and inspect all baby food pouches before dispatch. 

Our goal is to be a full-scale supplier for all your flexible packaging needs. As such, Logos Pack also provides other services such as branding and custom solutions. For the benefit of our clients, we offer friendly wholesale rates for every bulk purchase of custom or in-store products.

Customize Flexible Pouches

Why Baby Food Pouches

  • Long Shelf-life

    Baby food pouches keep food products fresh and free of contaminants. Further, they are resealable and thus products can be stored for later consumption even after they are first opened.

  • Child-safe Baby Food Pouches

    Unlike rigid packaging alternatives, flexible baby food pouches do not break. They also have smooth rounded edges to avoid abrasions and large caps to prevent the risk of children swallowing them.

  • Easy Handling

    Fruit juices and baby snacks packaged in flexible pouches are lightweight and thus convenient for parents on the go. Their ease of use also allows children to safely drink from them.

  • Customer Appeal

    The fun designs of well-branded baby food pouches appeal to children. This would be a great selling strategy for your baby food product as they would be your target market.

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Custom Baby Food Pouches

Logos Pack baby food pouches are suitable for both solid foods and beverages for children. We offer a low MOQ to accommodate both small and large-scale customers. All orders for bulk baby food pouches are delivered within short durations and you are welcome to request any of our customization services. They include custom printing, design decorations, color and size modifications.

  • Infant Cereal
  • Fruit Juice
  • Yogurt
  • Fruit Puree

Recommended Pouches

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Spout pouches are extensively used for liquid and powdered products. Spout pouches are portable, light and maximize product use for customers.

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