Fit for Both Food & Non-food Packaging Demands

Logos Pack boasts a diverse product portfolio for all of your consumers’ needs. Our flexible product range caters to both the food and non-food industry markets. From coffee to baby food packaging for the food market, to make-up and detergent packaging for the non-food market, we cater high-quality packaging for all.

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Food Packaging

Custom flexible food packaging is designed to meet the unique packaging requirements of different food products. The material, dimensions, and barriers are all customized to suit the product.

Our high-performance custom flexible food packaging products include various pouch designs, bag-in-box, and films. We provide customization services for all packaging upon request.

Food Packaging Solutions
liquid packaging

Liquid Packaging

At Logos Pack, we create beverage pouches in a variety of closure types and sizes. Our packaging solutions necessitate that liquids are effectively packed, stored, transported, exhibited, purchased, used, and discarded while maintaining product quality.

Our packaging solutions are leak-proof since they are composed of impermeable materials. As a client, you will benefit not only from our technology and expertise but also from our years of experience in flexible packaging.

Liquid Packaging Solutions
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Non-food Packaging

Quality flexible non-food packaging should preserve product composition and enhance customer experience through convenient dispensing features.

This is why we offer high barrier flexible non-food packaging that protects your product against degeneration by moisture or aeration. Our range of products comprises laminated films and leak-proof pouches with varying closure methods.

Non-food Packaging Solutions

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