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Manufacturing is big in India, and there is a wide range of factories that deal with all kinds of goods aimed at satisfying the huge demand both locally and internationally. One of these would be spout pouch manufacturing. Spout pouches are a type of flexible packaging solutions used for packaging and storing baby food, energy drinks, cocktails, and a host of other items, thanks to their flexible and versatile design. They come with airtight seals that ensure no contamination finds its way into the products unless you deliberately choose to tear them.

We will be looking at some of the best spout pouch manufacturers in India, how they operate, the number of staff under them, their locations, and the types of products they specialize in. The following are the top 10 spout pouch manufacturers in India.

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Logos pack logo
Company Details

LogosPack was established in 2005 amid growing demand for high-quality flexible packaging products in China and beyond. To plug that deficit, the company quickly established itself as the number one maker of plastic materials in Fushan, and within no time, they were getting orders from other parts of the vast Asian nation.

Today, LogosPack handles even international flexible packaging supplier exports and continues to create high quality recycled product packaging like spout pouches that are used in the food and beverage industries, big pharma, chemical industries, among many others.

Duropack India

Duropack India

Source: duropackindia.com

Duropak India was founded by Vivek Jain and Vineet Jain in 1987 as a small company that started out as a manufacturer of sustainable packaging materials for some of the industries that had just been set up in the region. In the over 30 years that the company has been in existence, it has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of flexible packaging laminates, with spout pouches making the bulk of their most in-demand products.

They specialize in customized production too, for those that may want to have their packaging made unique. It has a monthly production capacity of about 20,000,000 pouches, which is a very impressive number for a company that has less than 100 workers. Most of their products are consumed locally, but they also have international clients that they export to.

Shrenik Enterprise

Shrenik Enterprise Logo

Source: Facebook

Shrenik Enterprise is based in the Gujarat region, and it was founded in 1996 as a sole proprietorship firm. As the demand continued to rise, Shrenik Enterprise started dealing with sustainable packaging solutions of all kinds, with spout pouches making the bulk of their production.

The company prides itself in the creation of high-quality packaging materials, thanks to the high-quality raw materials that they procure from the best suppliers in India. Their products are among the most durable in the market and are even exported to other countries in Asia, Europe, and North America. Some of the manufacturing companies that make use of their products are in the food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, chemical industries, and many others.

Packman Industries

Packman Industries Logo

Source: www.packman.in

Packman Industries can rightly be considered to be among the best spout pouch manufacturers in the wheel of India. They have an impressive catalog that features countless flexible packaging solutions that are used in the food and beverage, cosmetic pouch packaging, pharmaceuticals, and industrial chemicals sectors.

Their packaging designs are simply stunning; the company handles all the design work using a team of highly qualified designers who know their trade well. Their spout pouches can be found in coffee packaging, spices, fertilizers, to more complex commodities like pillow packaging, liquid packaging, and so much more.

Sanjeev Flexi Pack PVT Limited

Sanjeev Flexi Pack PVT Limited Logo

Source: www.sanjeevflexipack.net

Sanjeev is a recent company that has been around for about a decade now, but despite the short time they have been operational, they have managed to upstage some of the established names to become one of the leading manufacturers of flexible packaging solutions, notably spout pouches.

The company handles everything from scratch, including the design and the branding, all the way to the manufacture, storage, distribution, and even exportation. The industries that make use of their products include the food and beverage sectors, industrial chemical firms, pharmaceuticals, BOPP industries,, among many others.

Paras Printpak

Paras Printpack Logo

Source: www.paraspack.com

Paras Printpak got into the flexible manufacturing space in 1998 and has never looked back. Over the years, the company has seen its stock rise as it expands the reach of its business way beyond India to other parts of the world. Located in Delhi, Paras Printpak deals exclusively with the printed and unprinted flexible laminated pouches of all kinds that are used across the board in many manufacturing industries that make daily use products.

The company has invested heavily in technology and research, combining the two with a reliable and highly skilled labor force to ensure that it stays on top of the game at all times.

Vijay Packaging System

Vijay Packaging System Logo

Source: www.airbubble.in

The Vijay Packaging System is a veteran in the game having been operational for almost 30 years now, and during that time, the company has transformed itself from the small time manufacturer that supplied New Delhi manufacturers with simple biodegradable packing materials to the behemoth of the region that now dabbles in international exports. Their high-quality products have earned them a legion of loyal customers from within India and beyond, which has helped them to further cement their hold on the market.

Aside from spout pouches, Vijay Packaging System also deals in poly packaging, plastic straps, sealing machines, cling film, adhesive tapes, among many other things.

Color Flex

Color Flex Logo

Source: www.colorflex.in

Located in the famous Karnataka region in India, Color Flex has been manufacturing flexible packaging materials for over 15 years now, providing solutions to manufacturing companies within the region and the broader Indian nation. They have a long catalog of products that includes spout pouches that are in high demand by the food and beverage industry, especially the baby food sectors that have been inching away from rigid bottles to flexible pouches that are safer and easy to handle.

Color Flex also handles the branding of their packaging materials on behalf of their clients who may want custom sustainable packaging services. They use the latest printing technologies around, and the difference in quality with most of their competitors can be seen when you compare their products.

RKP Polybags PVT Ltd

RKP Polybags logo

Source: www.rkppolybags.com

With a production capacity of over 400 tonnes in a single month, RKP Polybags is not your average flexible manufacturer; they know exactly what they are doing. The company has been growing from strength to strength for the past decade and now commands a very sizable portion of the market that it supplies to, and it keeps growing every year.

Despite being a relatively new company, RKP Polybags PVT Ltd has been able to shoot past many of its competitors that had been around much earlier through the use of technology and the hiring of the most skilled workers they could find. All that investment has paid off with more growth and expansion into the international market.

Karni Packaging Private Limited

Karni Packaging Private Limited logo

Source: www.karnipackaging.com

Ranging from flexible laminated rolls, laminated pouches, stand up pouches, among many others, Karni Packaging has been manufacturing these products for 15 years now for various companies in the region and beyond. A lot of their focus goes into the design, and this is why their products are among the best looking, something that has endeared them to a lot of loyal customers who have been coming back to them over the years.

The company also relies heavily on technology, which has enabled them to keep up with current trends as well as keeping pace with tier competitors and the rest of the market. Their spout pouches and other packaging products are used in the agricultural sector for fertilizers, food and beverage industries, and a host of other closely related industries.


The number of flexible eco-friendly packaging companies in India that deal with spout pouches are many and distributed throughout the large country, serving varied types of industries on the domestic and commercial level. If you have been contemplating starting your own business that requires the use of spout pouches and other packaging products, then give us a call or drop us an email, and we will get back to you with all the information you need.


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