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Gusseted pouches are a type of stand-up pouch. Gusseted pouches have semi-oval-shaped indents on both sides, resulting in a square or rectangle base. They are suitable for packing food items or any product that needs to stay fresh for prolonged periods, gusseted pouches could be a suitable choice.

Logos Pack is a prominent gusset bag manufacturer in China and across the world. We work hard to guarantee that we constantly provide high-quality flexible packaging choices that are suitable for a variety of purposes. To guarantee that we provide long-lasting choices, we produce all of our pouches using the best materials on the market. We have been in the manufacturing sector for many years and have accumulated a great deal of expertise, allowing us to be your partners. Logos Pack will fulfill your unique demands if you are seeking for high-quality gusseted pouches.

We offer gusset pouches available in three distinct styles: side gusset bags, bottom gusset bags, and pillow gusset bags. The gusset you choose is determined on the goods you wish to package. It is also determined by the product’s weight.

Why Gusset Bags From Logos Pack

  • Custom Made

    A feature that our clients like is the customization options we offer. You may play around with the design of your tea and coffee pouches, adding functionality to meet the needs of your product.

  • Your Packaging Stands Out

    The printing area on gusset packaging bags is rather large. You can use this in a variety of ways to boost your brand image and emphasize the unique selling features of your coffee or tea.

  • Your Products Stay Fresh

    Our packing techniques keep moisture and bacteria at bay while sealing in and maintaining the wonderful flavor and aroma. We use high-barrier materials in our gusseted pouches.

Custom Gusseted Pouches

At Logos Pack we offer bespoke bottom gusseted poly bags and custom side gusset bags. Both designs include extendable portions that make it easier and more secure to fit your items in.

Our gusseted poly bags are made of 100% virgin low density polyethylene (LDPE) and are FDA and USDA certified for food contact. Heat sealing or closing with twist ties, tape, or staples are options. They are robust enough for almost any packing application due to their tubular structure and a strong bottom seal.

Customize Now

Get Gusseted Pouches From Logos Pack in Bulk

We’ve been selling gusseted pouches as a tried-and-true method of long-term food preservation for many years. We can create basic or sophisticated printed packaging gusset pouches in quantity.

Features of Logos Pack Gusseted Pouches

  • Valved Gusseted Pouches: Valved gusseted pouches are an excellent choice for coffee and other scented items. The valve will ensure that no oxygen enters the bag, preserving freshness and enticing customers with the scent of the food contained therein.
  • Self Standing: Various shapes are offered based on the use and client choice. We provide improved convenience, which means they often take up less shelf space.
  • Resealability: Our gusset pouches are equipped with zippers and spouts to allow the customer to access the contents at their leisure while still preserving product freshness. removing the requirement for product transfer to a separate container.
  • Sealability: Our quality sealing technology produces a perfect uniform seal, while better seal strength and longevity ensure that the completed package is suitable for high pressures and temperatures.

Gusset Pouch Packaging Solution for Various Industry

When it comes to providing high-quality bespoke gusset pouches for various food industrial packaging, we are unrivaled. The most popular marketplace for custom printed gusseted pouches is Logos Pack. We take pleasure in using well-established manufacturing procedures to create all of our gusset pouches.

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