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Lidding packaging is commonly used as a closure on plastic cups, bowls, or trays that contain products like soup, yogurt, meat, cheese, and many other food products. It can be made from foil, paper, or plastic, which is designed to be peeled without shredding because it retains a durable adhesion and tight seal for extended shelf life. The Logos Pack flexible lidding film is structured to seal many substrates for different applications, mainly in the food and beverage sector.

We make sure that our lidding film food packaging and its features are customized based on the requirement of the given application so that the product quality and shelf life are optimized.

Why Choose Our Lidding Film Products

  • Easy-Peelable

    Logos Pack offers convenience, and it is apparent on our peelable lidding films. We only produce lidding films with just the right peel strength to make it easy for customers whenever opening products—all of these while ensuring the product’s security and package’s durability.

  • Microwavable

    Our frozen food packaging films are not only used to secure food packages from contamination when chilled or frozen, for they are also safe to heat in the oven and microwavable. 

  • Anti-fog

    We know that consumers want to see what they are about to eat. However, food manufacturers do not prefer clear or transparent lidding films because they tend to become foggy once the contents are moist. Fortunately, Logos Pack offers anti-fog film for food packaging.

  • Custom-made

    As your heat seal film supplier, Logos Pack provides flexible packaging customization services. This is to cater to various applications. Moreover, we offer retortable, printable, and recyclable lidding packaging.

Custom Your Lidding Film Packaging

Do you want your lidding film food packaging with a visual advantage? We can customize flexible lidding films that will definitely pass your specifications. Logos Pack lidding films are approved for EU and FDA regulations and our skilled team can work closely with you to determine your brand’s needs and help you find the ideal solution. We can customize: 

Customize Now
  • Logos & Printing
  • General barrier or high barrier films
  • Foil and non-foil material
  • Freezable & microwavable and ovenable
  • Seals to PE & PP & PET containers
  • Recyclable

Logos Pack: Lidding Film Manufacturer

Logos Pack is a well-known maker of flexible packaging in China. This includes tray sealing films necessary for food packaging to keep the product safe for food consumption. We support various food applications, such as prepared meals, fresh produce, meat, seafood, and poultry, dairy, bakery, pet food, and more.

Get Lidding Films Product in Bulk at Logos Pack

  • High Product Quality: Our lidding film products are guaranteed made from top-notch raw materials because we only source them from our trusted sellers, which were also properly selected.
  • Excellent Experience: We have been in the business for 15 years and we are proud to say that our experience through the years has made Logos Pack resilient to every hurdle we come across with.
  • Competitive Factory Pricing: We assure you that our lidding films are tagged at competitive prices to help both small and big businesses from their product costings whenever buying in bulk.
  • Flexible Packaging Solution: Logos Pack is one of China's best flexible packaging solutions manufacturers. Rest assured that all of our flexible packaging solutions, including lidding films, comply with international standards.

Lidding Film Packaging Solution

Our flexible lidding films can meet the standards of different clients while ensuring perfect pack integrity and process efficiency. Logos Pack’s packaging solution supports many industries, such as:


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