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Retort pouch packaging retains the original aroma, taste, and color of food because of its resistance to air and moisture. Its easy-to-open design minimizes content spillage. Retort pouches are lightweight and compact which makes them highly portable. Their tough surface prevents punctures or leaks. The packaged food has an enduring shelf-life as it doesn’t need refrigeration.

In Logos Pack, our materials are FDA and SGS approved. These make them both sustainable and eco-friendly. The report pouch is made with easy-to-open features that minimize content spillage. With the Logos Pack retort pouch, your product can now be preserved without refrigeration.

Why Choose Logos Pack Retort Pouches

  • Multi-Layer Lamination

    Logos Pack retort pouches are laminated with multiple layers of grade films.  This makes them capable of withstanding temperatures as high as 120 to 135 ℃.

  • Longer Shelf-Life

    Due to our unique retort packaging design, clients can now store their products without fear of early spoilage. All our retort packages are designed for top-quality sealing and sterilization performance.

  • Efficient Storage

    Our retort packages are made from flexible materials. Combine this feature with our space-saving design, and you have retort packaging that is both easy to transport and store.

  • Marketing Appeal

    Aside from high-quality retort packaging, Logos Pack also offers high-definition printing options. This will allow your product to stand out and enhance its marketing appeal.

Customize Your Ideal Retort Pouch

If you want your wholesale retort pouch to look and feel a certain way, then you should have them customized. Luckily for you, Logos Pack offers a myriad of great customization options. With our help, you’ll be able to have your retort pouch customized the right way. By customizing your retort pouch you could choose certain aspects such as:

Customize Now
  • Spouts
  • Bag Shape
  • Tear Notch
  • Laser Score Line
  • Clear Window
  • Logo & Printing
  • Holes (hang hole, euro hole)
  • tear notch
  • euro hole
  • round conner
  • side spout

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Your Efficient Retort Pouch Supplier

Retort pouch packaging is convenient for home and outdoor use as food stored in them does not need to be refrigerated or frozen. Retort pouches have resistance to temperatures as high as 125 to130 ℃. Functional convenience like these makes your product easier to be remembered.

Besides, Logos Pack’s printing technology makes the retort pouch greatly appeals to customers which increase sales volume, provides economic benefits and builds your brand recognition.

Get Bulk Retort Pouch From Us

  • Product Quality: All Logos Pack products are BRC, ISO22000, GMP, HACCP, FSSC, and FDA certified. By purchasing your retort pouches from us, you’ll have top quality products at your disposal.
  • Experience: For over 15 years Logos Pack has provided packaging solutions to a multitude of businesses. Through the years, we have innovated our services to serve our clientele more effectively.
  • Factory Pricing: Logos Pack boasts of a technologically advanced factory that allows us to mass-produce our retort pouches with great speed. This gives us the ability to offer our products in bulk at competitive prices.
  • 24-Month Warranty: Logos Pack offers warranty to all of its products for 24 months after they leave the factory. If it is evident that there are quality problems, we will replace the products for free.

Retort Pouch Packaging Solution

As one of the leading vacuum pouch manufacturers in China, Logos Pack is well-equipped to manufacture retort pouches in bulk. These wholesale vacuum pack pouches are designed to provide convenient storage for a myriad of products such as



By choosing Logo Pack Retort Pouches you’ll have access to durable and visually attractive retort pouches that will enhance your marketing range.


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