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Motor oil packaging is applicable in the packaging of various lubricants and fluid agents used in motor care. Our motor oil pouches are thus manufactured using materials that are resilient to the chemical compositions of such products.

Partnering with Logos Pack for your motor oil packaging assures you of quality packaging solutions. We use cutting-edge technology and perform quality tests on all our products before delivery. Large-scale production further enables us to offer you accessible wholesale prices for bulk purchases.

Logos Pack flexible packaging solutions have been perfected through years of practice and cover a broad scope of packaging requirements. 

Customize Flexible Pouches

Why Flexible Motor Oil Packaging

  • Convenience

    Flexible motor oil packaging is portable and does not require much storage space. This makes it convenient for motorists that may need to carry emergency packs in their vehicles.

  • Safety

    Logos Pack motor oil pouches are made of temperature resistant materials. This feature is crucial given as motor care products are often flammable and could become hazardous if not well insulated.

  • Utility

    Our motor oil packaging can be customized with resealable spouts which make it easy to use the motor oil. Other features like handles and stand-up design also improve consumer utility.

  • Corrosion Resistance

    Motor care products can be highly corrosive to most packaging products. We, however, use multi-layer materials that are resistant to alkaline and acidic corrosion thereby keeping motor products in prime condition.

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Custom Motor Oil Packaging

Logos Pack custom motor oil pouches are suitable for engine oil and similar motor care products. We provide customization services for branding, embellishment, and add-on utility features. Our design team is always on hand to help you incorporate such modifications in your custom packaging. All orders within our MOQ provision are fulfilled promptly and covered under a 2-year warranty.

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