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A food packaging company in Egypt might be just what you need to boost your business. Read the article to get acquainted with the top food packaging companies in Egypt.


The food packaging industry is the reason why people all over the world are able to enjoy food from distant places in the comfort of their homes. Food packaging is an industry that has rising demands, so expanding your business to include food packaging is only natural. The right food packaging company will help you bring your vision to life and help you spread the goodness of your food items worldwide. 
If you are looking for the best food packaging in Egypt, your search is over. The food packaging industry has several liquidfood packaging companies, organic food packaging companies, frozen food packaging companies, and fresh food packaging companies. Your needs would be met by one of the many companies based in Egypt.

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List of Best Food Packaging Companies in Egypt

  1. United Trade Co.
  2. Master Pack
  3. Sochema Group Egypt
  4. ICPacks – International Co. For Packing & Packaging Solutions
  5. Elreda Imp&exp Co

Capabilities and Criteria

Today, no company offers just one product or service. Based on their service and position in the industry, the best food packaging companies in Egypt are chosen. Some of the selection criteria include:

  1. Quality control procedures in place
  2. The material used for manufacturing
  3. The financial footing of the company
  4. Range of services offered
  5. The level of customer satisfaction

Top Food Packaging Companies in Egypt

United Trade Co.

  • Type of Business: Packaging
  • Headquarters: Talaaeh Association, Cairo
  • Main Market: Egypt, Africa, Asia, Europe
  • Years of Experience: 40 years

Source: United Trade Co.

This company was established in 1978 and sells its packaging products wholesale. United Trade Co. specializes in egg packaging and manufacturer trays and cartons for egg packaging. This company also supplies packs made of PS & PET specifically for carrying eggs. This company caters to the needs of poultry farms, and their products include Frozen Chickens Boxes, Day-old Chicks Boxes, and plastic boxes made for slaughterhouses.

Master Pack

  • Type of Business: Packaging Solutions and Retail Services
  • Headquarters: Omar Ibn El Khattab Division, Gesr El Suez, Cairo
  • Main Market: Egypt
  • Years of Experience: 15 years

Source: Master Pack

Master Pack is a company that primarily caters to providing raw materials to independent agencies for packaging purposes. They provide plastic packaging materials and claim to meet the deadlines, and provide cost-effective services. Their offered products include POF Shrink Film, PE Protective Film, PE Shrink Film, PET Protective film, and PET Plastic Strapping.

Sochema Group Egypt

  • Type of Business: Distributor
  • Headquarters: Hassam Allam Street, Off El Maghany Street, Cairo
  • Main Market: Global supplier
  • Years of Experience: 40 years

Source: Sochema Group Egypt

Sochema Group Egypt is a company that is well-versed in the commercial, business, and industrial development fields. The company has partnered with raw material producers and distributes different types of raw materials across the globe. The foodstuff raw materials can be directly shipped to the interested clients.

ICPacks – International Co. For Packing & Packaging Solutions

  • Type of Business: Manufacturing, Trading
  • Headquarters: Badr City, Cairo, Egypt
  • Main Market: Southern and Western Europe, Middle East, Africa
  • Years of Experience: 6 years

Source: ICPacks – International Co. For Packing & Packaging Solution

ICPacks is a joint-stock company that caters to packaging solutions. Their packaging products are mainly made of paper, and the products offered by this company include paper containers, paper bowls, aluminum foil, and paper cups. This company also offers aluminum foil containers and cloning film.

Elreda Imp&exp Co

  • Type of Business: Trading
  • Headquarters: ebn sinaa, elmanshia, Alexandria
  • Main Market: Global supplier
  • Years of Experience: 40 years

Source: Elreda Imp&exp Co

Established in 1980, Elreda Imp&exp Co is a trading company that deals in raw materials. These are then used in flexible packaging by independent contractors. The main products that they offer include paper products and cardboard products. Stainless steel and glass are also used materials.

The Favored Chinese Food Packaging Company

The right food packaging company is not bound by the restriction imposed by borders. If you want a socially responsible plastic food packaging company to be affiliated with your business, we have just the right recommendation for you!

Logos pack logo

LOGOS is a Chinese food package manufacturer. It caters to food packaging solutions and manufactures its products in sterile conditions so that hygiene is maintained. Among the many products they offer are:

  • Recyclable
  • Spout Pouches
  • Retort Pouches
  • Stand Up Pouches
  • Packaging Films

Their 15 years of experience make them well-equipped to provide services that fit your demands.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Food Packaging Company

Choosing a food packaging company is an important business decision as it will reflect on your provided services later on. There are some factors that you cannot compromise on. Before you go ahead and sign the contract with a food packaging company, have read of the factors given below.

  1. Quality matters: Whether it is checking their quality control procedures or the quality of the finished products, you should check how well-maintained the manufacturing process is. 
  2. Price should match the products: Cheap products do not mean bad quality, and high prices do not guarantee the best quality available in the market. Compare the price quoted with the services offered and decide for yourself. 
  3. Know the material used: Packaging items such as food is something you should never take lightly. The wrong choice of packaging material and the food item can react negatively with it. Also, check the material quality to ensure the end product is what you thought it would be.  
  4. Know your product: Whether it is customization or design, you know your product best. You know the best way in which you want it marketed. Choose materials, design, and customization accordingly. 
  5. Reliable manufacturers always: Checking to see if a manufacturer is reliable is simple. Ask them for references, see their portfolio, ask for their certification, and check to see if they are a member of any association relevant to their field. A reliable packing pouch manufacturer is not hard to find.

The Takeaway

The best food packaging companies in Egypt are United Trade Co., Master Pack, Sochema Group Egypt, ICPacks – International Co. For Packing & Packaging Solutions, and Elreda Imp&exp Co. These companies have different services and cater to different types of clients. Whether they are offering local or international services, all of these companies are dedicated to providing their clients with the best service there is.  is also a customer-centric company. With its socially responsible manufacturing process and its various products, your business will thrive.