Top 5 Flexible Packaging Companies in South Africa.

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Flexible Packaging is highly in demand and will keep increasing because it is handy, renewable, innovative, long-lasting, and affordable. Usually, people prepare using flexible packaging as it is not heavy, environmentally friendly, and can easily be handled.

Flexible packaging has become one of the dominating industries around the globe. 

Flexible packaging is easily molded into various shapes as they are made from nonrigid materials and are made to produce products such as pouches, containers, bags, foils, and many other products.

If you are looking for a flexible packaging company and finding it tiresome then check this blog for the best flexible packaging companies in South Africa.

List of The Best Flexible Packaging Companies In South Africa

  1. Huhtamäki
  2. Constantia Afripack
  3. Amcor
  4. Berry Astrapak MARCOM 
  5. WestRock

Top 5 Flexible Packaging Companies in South Africa

1. Huhtamaki


Source: Huhtamaki

  • Year Established: 1920
  • Headquarters (Location): Espoo, Finland 
  • Type of business: Packaging
  • Certificates and Awards: Bronze Award
  • Address: 69 Industry Road near New Era Springs -1560, South Africa

Huhtamaki is one of the largest flexible packaging industries and manufacturers and its headquarters are in Espoo, Finland. The huhtamaki industry was established by Mr. Heikki Huhtamäki who was a baker’s son in the year 1920 in Kokkola, Finland.

They are an incredible manufacturer and sellers of rigid as well as flexible packaging that are required. They offer beverages packaging, food, non-food and liquid packaging, pet food, personal home care, and many more options.

2. Constantia Flexibles Afripack

  • Year Established: 1993
  • Headquarters (Location): Vienna, Austria
  • Type of business: Packaging
  • Certificates and Awards: 2 times Alufoil trophy 2019
  • Address: 75 Richard Carte Road near Mobeni East in Durban- 4092, South Africa

Constantia was initially founded in Weinberg, Austria in 1912 and later had a hold over the globe by the year 1993. The headquarters is in Vienna, Austria. Constantia flexibles Afripack sells and manufactures innumerable flexible packages and labels.

They offer various products like home and personal care, confectionery, dairy, meat and fish, processed food, snacks, technical films and foils, and more sustainable products.

They avoid and minimize any negative impact on the environment. They constantly work on the recyclability of their flexible packaging solutions.

3. Amcor


Source: Wikipedia

  • Year Established: 1860
  • Headquarters (Location): Zurich, Switzerland 
  • Type of business: Packaging 
  • Certificates and Awards: Amcor wins 2 Flexible Packaging Association achievement awards
  • Address: 88 Wiltshire Road near Southmead in Durban – 3610, South Africa

The Amcor company was established by Samuel Ramsden in 1860 who originally belonged to Yorkshire and had arrived in Australia to make himself a fortune. Today Amcor has around 35,000+ employees working for them.  Their headquarter is in Zurich, Switzerland.

Amcor is an Australian-American-based Swiss company. They develop flexible packaging, customized cartons, rigid containers and provide services for pharmaceutical, food, medical devices, beverages, technical alliances, pet products, home, and personal care. 

4. Berry Astrapak MARCOM

  • Year Established: 1991
  • Headquarters (Location): South Africa
  • Type of business: Packaging 
  • Address: 20 Mahogany Road near Mahogany Ridge, Pinetown- 3608, South Africa

The Berry Astrapak MARCOM is a company that manufactures and offers services of plastic package products. It was established in 1991.

They offer various products like jars, tubs, bottles, tubes, cups, trays, closure and caps, and miscellaneous products. They provide services such as food services, personal care products, dairy and automotive. They avoid and minimize any negative impact on the environment. They constantly work on the recyclability of their flexible packaging solutions

5. WestRock

Source: Wikipedia

  • Year Established: 2015
  • Headquarters (Location): Georgia, sandy spring, United States 
  • Type of business: Packaging
  • Certificates and Awards: 12 Awards for various packaging products.
  • Address: 22 Van Riebeeck Road 7100 in Cape Town, Station Township Western Cape, South Africa

WestRock is an American-based packaging company. It was established in the year 2015 and MeadWestvaco and RockTenn were merged together. It has a stronghold over the world and is well known among the people for its packaging. They have their industry in 30 countries and over 51,100 (according to 2020 reports) employees working for them.  Their headquarter is in Georgia, sandy spring, United States

They provide various products and services such as beauty and personal care, commercial print, beverages, food services, healthcare, luxury packaging, retail, media electronics, home, and garden.

Best Flexible Packaging Option in China

Logos pack logo

Source:  Logos Pack

Are you seeking a dependable packaging service with high-quality products? Then Logo packs can be your choice. They have been in the manufacturing market for flexible packaging products for over 17 years now. They have been delivering various high-quality, secure, and durable flexible packaging products since 2004.

They provide exceptionally high food products or non-food products. Their main motive is to provide their customers with high-quality products and achieve customer satisfaction.They offer innumerable packaging options and choices to their customers such as flexible packaging like pouches with a tap, spout pouch, retort pouch, three side seal,  stand up pouch, pouch, laminating pouch squeeze pouch, bag in box, laminating pouch squeeze pouch, and many more.

They offer many other merchandises in the market for packaging such as pet food,  liquid packaging., medical and pharmaceutical, frozen food, nonfood packaging, and beverages. They use sustainable packaging that is 100% recyclable and compostable.


These are some of the top 5 flexible companies that you can find in South Africa. We have carefully curated these for your comfort and save your time and effort in searching for one. These companies are durable, eco-friendly, and provide you with the best quality of services.For more options, you can also visit Logos pack as they too have innumerable packaging and market servicing.