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Granola is a favorite snack for children and adults alike. It is, therefore, no wonder the market is filled with so many competing brands. As a granola manufacturer, you would thus need to find ways to make your granola product stand out.

Attractive flexible packaging would be a great place to start. When customers are charmed by the appearance of your product, it will likely spark their curiosity and increase the chances of them making a purchase. Plus, it is convenient, safe, and durable. Below are some dazzling granola packaging ideas that could make your product a market favorite.

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Custom Printed Stand-up Pouches

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Stand-up pouches are designed with a wide base that allows them to be placed upright on surfaces. While this may seem like an unimportant detail it is, in fact, quite helpful. Stand-up pouches make your granola easier to display on store shelves and catch consumers’ attention. In this regard, they are a far better option than flat packaging that hardly makes an impression.

Custom printed pouches elevate your product’s visibility a notch higher. Their colorful branding graphics and decorations tend to draw more customers than a plain stand-up pouch. Customers may also appreciate some brief descriptive product details to go along with the embellishments. The main advantage of custom printed pouch designs is that they are unique one-off styles. As a result, they set your granola apart from competing brands.

Clear Window Pouches

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A clear window is a small aperture on a bag or pouch that is covered with transparent material. It allows shoppers to catch a glimpse of the product inside the packaging. Clear window pouches make for a brilliant marketing tool. They display the granola to the customer thereby whetting appetites and influencing sales. Besides, displaying real granola is more authentic than any graphics you could ever use.

Resealable Pouches

Assorted pouches with ziplocks

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Food packaging goes beyond just presenting the product to consumers. Ideally, it should also offer them great utility. For example, consider that small portions of granola can easily be consumed in one seating. However, mid to large size portions may be too much for one person to polish off on their own at a go. How can you address this utility problem for consumers?

Resealable pouches solve this dilemma by allowing consumers to enjoy what they can and store the rest for later. They preserve the freshness of the granola as they are fitted with zip locks that bar air, moisture, and contaminants from entering the pouch.

Compostable Granola Bag

Kraft paper bags

One of the best ways to ensure granola stays fresh and tasty is by keeping it cool and dry. Moisture can make it less crunchy which would mean that by the time of consumption, customers may not enjoy the true quality of your granola. Brown bags, when stored in a cool dry place, keep your granola moisture-free. Compared to plastic, they remain bone-dry even in warmer conditions. More so if they are made of quality materials such as Kraft paper.

An environmentally conscious flexible packaging manufacturer should be able to offer you compostable bags. This is something your customers may appreciate given the growing concerns about plastic waste. Such considerations also go a long way in making consumers identify with your brand over others.

Vacuumed Granola Pouches

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Vacuum pack pouches are recommended if you would like to prolong the shelf-life of your granola. The lack of air in the bag and the air-tight seal creates preservative conditions that slow the perishability of the granola. These would also be a great choice for large servings that are not bought as frequently. The design of a vacuumed pouch can vary depending on what you would prefer for your product. Consult your flexible packaging supplier on options such as four-side seal pouches, or flat-bottom pouches among others.

Clear Pouches

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Clear pouches are made of transparent materials and give a full display of the granola. They can be used for both large and small servings and any pouch style that you would prefer. Compared to other non-clear pouches, it may not be feasible to print graphics on a transparent pouch. As a result, you may need to have stick-on labels on the pouch with branding details such as your logo and a nutritional facts label.

Additionally, consider decorating your pouches to make them more appealing. Embellishing with ribbons or twine are some of the options you could explore. A colorful label that is stylishly positioned would equally be ideal.

Film-wrapped Granola Bars

Film-wrapped granola

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Home-made granola makes for a lovely snack and is quite easy to make. Besides, developing your own recipe that caters to your tastes may make it way more enjoyable. So much so that you may want to share it with friends or family. It would make a great addition to gift baskets, wouldn’t you say?

It may be a little outside your budget to order custom granola pouches but what you can do is get roll stock film. You would use it in the same way that you would use cling film. The difference is, roll stock film has much better quality and thus preserves your granola a whole lot better. Plus, you could opt for either clear film or aluminum foil.

Much like clear pouches, roll stock film can be a bit underwhelming. To spice it up and impress your gift recipients, you could make some labels or notes with endearing messages and place them over the film. Ribbons would come in handy here too. Alternatively, you could ask your roll stock film supplier to make custom print labels for you.

Granola Bar Wrappers

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Granola bar wrappers are similar to protein bar packaging. They are suitable for packaging small on-the-go servings of granola. The target market for this would be travelers, students, or anyone really that likes to keep a bar handy to snack on.

These types of wrappers are usually heat-sealed to preserve the freshness of the granola. Further, the interior of the wrapper can be laminated in foil for extra protection against moisture and to preserve flavor. All things considered, your granola would reach customers in prime condition.

On aesthetics, you have a world of custom printing options to explore. The only downside may be that unlike pouches, wrappers offer a very little surface area for branding. However, an experienced design team will certainly manage to get the job done.

Limited-edition and Different Flavor Pouches

Multicolored granola packs

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Limited edition granola pouches are a good idea for:

Consult your packaging supplier on custom packaging ideas that your target markets would appreciate. You could, for example, include a stylish leaflet on your packaging with granola serving ideas. Animated drawings on kiddie granola bars would equally be a nice touch. The goal here is to offer customers something different from the norm.

On flavors, the most common and often successful approach is to use different colors to denote different flavors. Aim for clear and outstanding product labeling as well so that customers can tell each product apart.


Creating or improving your granola brand encompasses much more than just the logo and brand colors on your packaging. In such a competitive market, it is essential that you go a step further and make your packaging appealing and relatable to consumers. Now that you know what your flexible packaging options, are, what will your tasty granola be wrapped in?

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