Top 3 Flexible Packaging Companies in California.

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Flexible packaging is one of the fastest-growing divisions in the world of packaging. A large group of people prefers choosing flexible packaging rather than rigid packaging as it is easily moldable and can be given any shape and be customized because it is made from nonrigid materials.

Flexible packaging is also convenient, safe, durable, and environmentally friendly. 

All the credit goes to the dedication of creativity, technology, sustainability, and innovation which are the trademark of flexible packaging.

Flexible packaging is also known for extending the shelf life of a product, especially food items, and retaining its freshness. As compared to rigid packaging, it is lighter in weight and can be conveniently stored at home and is easy to transport too. Owing to this, flexible packaging companies have gained popularity.

List of Flexible Packaging Companies In California

Below are some of the best flexible packaging companies that you can find in California.

  1. EPac Flexible packaging
  2. Signature Flexible Packaging Inc
  3. Eagle Flexible Packaging

Top 3 Flexible Packaging Companies In California

1. EPac Flexible Packaging

ePac Flexible Packaging Logo

Source: ePac

  • Year of Establishment: 2016
  • Headquarters (location):  United States
  • Type of Business:  packaging
  • Certificate and Awards: Safe Quality Food Program (SQF) certificate
  • Address: 5475 Daniels St, Chino, California – 91710, USA

Epac Flexible Packaging was found in the year 2016 and ever since have been providing their customers with innumerable product packaging and services. Their products are sustainable and they believe in conserving the environment and hence the materials used by them are 100% recyclable.

Packaging Services That They Offer:

  • Films
  • Child-resistant packaging
  • Custom Mylar Bags
  • Lay flat pouches
  • Rollstock
  • Stand up pouches
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Frozen food 
  • Cheese
  • Pet food
  • Supplements
  • snacks
  • Jerky

2. Signature Flexible Packaging

Signature Flexible Packaging logo

Source: Signature Flexible Packaging Inc

  • Year of Establishment:  1996
  • Headquarters (location):  Los Angeles 
  • Type of Business: Packaging
  • Address: 1120 Sandhill Ave, Carson in California – 90746, United States

The Signature flexible packaging was established in 1996 and is based in Los Angeles, USA. They have their company in Carson, California. They are dedicated to providing effective, high-quality, and sustainable products.

Packaging Services That They Offer:

  • Printed laminated roll stock
  • Stand up zipper pouches
  • Surface printed films
  • Pre-made bags
  • Package design
  • Unprinted laminated roll stock
  • Coffee and tea packaging
  • Candy and confection packaging
  • Frozen food packaging

3. Eagle Flexible

Eagle Flexible company logo

Source: Eagle Flexible Packaging

  • Year of Establishment: 1994
  • Headquarters (location): Batavia, Illinois 
  • Type of Business:  Packaging
  • Certificate and Awards: highest Safe Quality Food Program (SFQ) certificate
  • Address: 1100 Kingsland Dr, Batavia, California – 60510, USA

Eagle Flexible was founded in 1994. They deliver superior quality products and also have sustainable packaging available. They are fully dedicated to the improvement of the environment and produce eco-friendly products.

Some of the products that they offer are as follows

Packaging Services That They Offer:

An Alternative: Chinese Flexible Packaging Company

Logos Pack

Logos pack logo

Source: Logos Pack

The Logos pack has been in the industry since 2004. It has been providing superior quality packaging products and are committed to improving the quality of their product and are aiming to be one of the leading companies in the world.

The logos pack factory has been certified from GMP, ISO 9001, and BRM and all of their raw products have been certified by FDA and SGS.

They have sustainable packaging and their raw materials include glasses, paper, some limited plastic, and metals that are easily recycled. 

Packaging Services That They Offer:

  • Flexible packaging like Spout pouch, Retort pouches , Stand up pouches ,Pouch with tap, Flat bottom  pouches , Three side seal pouches and many more
  • Sustainable packaging which is bio-degradable and environmental friendly
  • Food packaging options that include:
  • Baby food Packaging
  • Cooked food packaging
  • Powder packaging
  • Condiment packaging
  • Tea pouch packaging 
  • Coffee packaging
  • Snacks food packaging
  • Candy packaging
  • Powder packaging
  • Supplement packaging
  • Non Food Packaging like Cosmetic packaging, Detergent packaging, medical , healthcare, and pharmaceutical packaging 
  • Liquid Packaging including Beverages packaging, Motor Oil Packaging

Benefits Of Flexible Packaging

  • Customizable 

One of the benefits of flexible packaging is that it can easily be customized into any shape and are moldable because unlike rigid packaging, flexible packaging is made from nonrigid materials. You can add bright colors, shapes, and anything attractive to make your packaging stand out.

  • Eco friendly 

The raw materials that are used to make these flexible packaging are easily recyclable and are sustainable. The materials like paper, glasses, or any other materials that are biodegradable.

  • Affordable

Flexible packaging unlike their counterparts is affordable. The raw materials used to make these have a lower manufacturing rate.

  • Easy transportation

Since flexible packaging is light in weight unlike rigid packaging it cost lesser and is easier to transport as it takes less space. Flexible packaging gives you an option to ship or transport more products with higher profit

  • Well Preserved

Flexible packaging vacuums their products while packing, which increases the shelf life of the content or product inside, therefore keeping the freshness of the food.


These were some of the best flexible packaging companies that you can explore in California. For more options, you can choose the Logos pack as they too have innumerable packaging options to offer that are compostable and 100% recyclable.