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Flexible packaging is a type of packing whose form can be flexible and can be transformed into different shapes. They are usually made from elastic- nonrigid materials which makes them easy to adapt to the product. Flexible packaging can be in the form of liquid packaging, mylar bags, flexible pouches, barrier pouches, and more.

The industry of flexible packaging is diverse, and the option to find the right one is difficult. There are a plethora of ways, but you can find help here as well. The following post will attempt in finding the right flexible packaging company, that meets the standards.

List of The Best Flexible Packaging Companies In The Philippines

Here is a quick review of the top 5 flexible packaging companies in the Philippines that will be discussed in detail in the following sections:

  1. Korpack Philippines Corporation
  2. Flexible Packaging Products Corporation
  3. Papercon (Phils) Inc.
  4. Ace Packaging Co.
  5. Trans- Star General Merchandise

Top 5 Flexible Packaging Companies In The Philippines

1. Korpack Philippines Corporation

Korpack Philippines Corporation logo

Source: Korpac Philippines Corporation

  • Type of Business: Flexible Food Packaging
  • Location (Headquarters): Cavite, Philippines
  • Year Founded: 1997
  • Products offered: Packaging materials and production of food and beverage

Korpack Phils Corporation works intensively on providing innovative flexible food packaging materials, and ingredients. They are exporting to 16 countries around the globe. Their aim is to use their advanced technology and rigorous research to deliver good service to their clients through the means of their packaging and production.

Their production mainly focuses on:

  • Rollstock Film: used for cup noodles, candies, snacks, etc.
  • Cup Lid: used for noodles and champorado
  • 3 side seal pouch: used for snack and frozen food packaging.

2. Flexible Packaging Products Corporation

Flexible Packaging Products Corporation logo


  • Type of Business: Flexible packaging. Raw material manufacturing and finished products delivery.
  • Location (Headquarters): Valenzuela City, Philippines
  • Year Founded: 1895
  • Products offered: Packing pouches, polybags, sachets, etc.

One of the leading manufacturers of flexible packaging, Flexible Packaging Products Corporation supplies on a global level. They are committed to quality assurance and focus on sustainable packaging as well. Their clients consist of Unilever, Lipton, Knorr, and more.

Products offered:

3. Papercon Philippines

Papercon Philippines logo

Source: Papercon (Phils) Inc.

  • Type of Business: Packaging company
  • Location (Headquarters): Quezon City, 1106 Metro Manila, Philippines
  • Year Founded:1963
  • Products offered: Flexible packaging of food, folding carton, publications, etc.

Papercon has an international reputation in the packaging industry. With the experience of more than 50 years, Papercon has prioritized innovation and quality. The company believes in working with efficiency and focusing on environmental sustainability.

The company focuses on the production of:

  • Food packaging
  • Folding carton
  • Labels
  • Commercial printing
  • Publications

4.  Ace Packaging Co.

Ace Packaging Co. logo

Source: Ace Packaging Co.

  • Type of Business: Manufacturing and packaging company
  • Location (Headquarters): Quezon City, Philippines
  • Year Founded:1975
  • Products offered: Pharmaceutical packaging, fine quality food processing, and cannery
  • With decades of experience, Ace Packaging Co. focuses on providing quality pharmaceutical packaging, to its clients. With a rich experience and reputation, Ace has been one of the leading suppliers in the packaging industry.

Products and services offered:

  • Pharmaceutical packaging
  • Canning
  • Fine quality food processing

5. Trans-Star General Merchandise

Trans-Star General Merchandise logo

Source: Trans-Star General Merchandise

  • Type of Business: Trans- Star General Merchandise
  • Location (Headquarters): Quezon City, Philippines
  • Year Founded: 1995
  • Products offered: Packaging offered for food, condiments, beverages, etc.

Trans-Star General Merchandise has offered its services to many restaurants, schools, hotels, and others. They prioritize maintaining quality and developing a trustworthy relationship with their clients. They have expertise in sachet production.

The company specializes in:

A Chinese Flexible Packaging Company Which Can Solve Your Concerns

Logos Pack

Logos pack logo

Headquartered in China, Logos has been an excellent and reputable company in the packaging industry. They deal not only on a national level but on a global level. They aim to keep quality and efficiency as their top priority. With 15 years of versatile and rich experience, Logos knows how to ensure customer satisfaction. Their factory has certifications from ISO and BRC; assuring their quality and rich experience.

Logos ensures to keep their flexible packaging with cost-effectivity and environmental sustainability in their mind. Their products can range in Spout Pouch, Pouch With Tap, Retort Pouch, Bag in Box, Three-side Seal Pouch, Packaging Films, Gusset Pouches, Laminating Pouch, Squeeze Pouch, Mylar Bags, and much more.

If customization is something you prioritize on, Logos can provide you with Custom Flexible Liquid Packaging and Custom Printed Food Packaging. You can choose the print, decoration and many other options. Logos ensures to give valuable packaging from a first-class factory.

Their products and services offered:

  • Food packaging
  • Liquid Packaging
  • Medical, Healthcare, and Pharmaceutical Packaging
  • Detergent Packaging
  • Agricultural packaging
  • Cosmetic Packaging

What Criteria Can You Choose When Selecting Your Potential Flexible Packaging Company?

There are some parameters that can aid in finding a valuable flexible packaging company in the Philippines.

  1. The Experience and Reputation of the Manufacturer

Undoubtedly, a manufacturer who has the experience and a reputation in the industry can help you with quality packaging, but they can also aid in giving qualitative suggestions because of their experience in the industry.

  1. Quality of Materials

The higher the quality of material and production methods used, the better output you will receive. Not only does it appear visibly aesthetic, but it also helps in keeping the product protected on a better level.

  1. Certifications

Certifications are the most valuable proof you can find when searching for a valuable company. They are the proof that the company would be reliable, and can match the standards you have set.

  1. The versatility of the Options

A company that offers many options can make it easier to customize packaging and make it more appealing. The more packaging options they ensure, the more versatile packaging you can receive. Versatility in different forms of packaging can assure that the search for the product-specific company would never be an issue.


Through research, we have narrowed down the list of the best flexible packaging companies in the Philippines. Through all the criteria and the versatility they can offer, we hope this comes as help in the search for a potential company. For further information on premium packaging, you can visit Logos.