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Struggling to find the best flexible packaging company in Ireland? Worry no more. We’ve listed the top 5 flexible packaging companies in Ireland for you!

From consumer items to gadgets, there’s something for everyone. From cosmetics to essential aid, flexible packaging is an important component of many businesses’ and goods’ supply chains.

The finest characteristics of plastics and films are combined in flexible packaging. These adaptable packaging supplies are a practical option with low production costs.

Any container or component of a package whose form can be easily altered is considered flexible packaging.” Bags, sachets, shrink films, ducts, sleeves, and carded packaging are all forms of flexible packaging.

List of The Best Flexible Packaging Companies In Ireland

Here is an outline of the top 5 flexible packaging companies in Ireland:

  1. Foxpak
  2. Irish Flexible Packaging
  3. Boran Packaging
  4. NPP Packaging
  5. The Barrier Packaging Company

Top 5 Flexible Packaging Companies In Ireland

1. Foxpak

  • Type of Business: Packaging solutions
  • Location (Headquarters): Co. Louth, Ireland
  • Year Founded: 2001

Products offered:

  • Stand up pouch
  • Quad seal bag
  • Printed film
  • 3 side seal
  • Flat bottom bag for coffee
Foxpak Packaging company logo

Source: Foxpak

From concept to large-scale production, foxpak prints and manufactures customized flexible packaging solutions for hundreds of customers.

Unlike others, their cutting-edge printing equipment enables them to produce high-quality packaging in quantities ranging from 1 to 1,000,000 bags. This implies they can service a product at any point in its lifespan, from conception through disposal.

In today’s retail environment, speed to market is crucial. As experts in short-run packaging, foxpak is committed to delivering prompt service and assistance.

2. Irish Flexible Packaging

  • Type of Business: Flexible Packaging
  • Location (Headquarters): Wicklow, Ireland
  • Year Founded: 1991

Products offered:

  • Eco guard
  • Parchment paper
  • Clearpack
  • Foil
 Irish Flexible Packaging logo

Source: Irish Flexible Packaging

In 1991, Irish Flexible Packaging was established to serve the bakery sector. They’ve been dedicated to offering trustworthy and creative flexible packaging to their clients all around the world since their inception.


A continual improvement focus on sustainability is something they advocate and are actively engaged in.


They can manufacture a wide range of items by combining a range of options.

3. Boran Packaging

  • Type of Business: Packaging solutions
  • Location (Headquarters): County Kildare, Ireland
  • Year Founded: 1972

Products offered:

  • Form fill and seal film
  • Bags, liners
  • Peel and reclose pouches
  • Resealable bags, wicketed bags
Boran Packaging logo

Source: Boran Packaging

Martin Boran founded the firm in 1972, and it is still a 100% family owned business over 50 years later. It has grown into Ireland’s biggest flexible packaging producer.

Their team can guarantee that your packaging would be the most ideal approach for your demands by working with a variety of components. You will be continually supported at every phase of your project by a special account manager and client service contact, from NPD assistance to Reprographics, their staff will be available to you at all hours.

4. NPP Packaging

  • Type of Business: Flexible Packaging
  • Location (Headquarters): Dublin 11, Ireland
  • Year Founded: 1984

Products offered:

NPP Packaging logo

Source: NPP Flexible Packaging

NPP Group was created in 1984 and has since founded itself as among Ireland’s top flexible packaging providers.

Because of their lengthy tradition of delivering creative solutions, high-quality goods, and unmatched service, NPP is the preferred supplier for many of Ireland’s biggest brands.

They are delighted by their long-standing connections with prominent food, commercial, agricultural, medical, and other businesses in Ireland.

5. The Barrier Packaging Company

  • Type of Business: Packaging Company
  • Location (Headquarters): Dublin 15, Ireland
  • Year Founded: 1993

Products offered:

The Barrier Packaging Company logo

Source: The Barrier Packaging Company

Flexible Barrier Packaging is available from The Barrier Packaging Company in Ireland and the UK.

They have a combined expertise of almost 75 years in the flexible packaging business. From securing a truckload of completed goods for its voyage to preserving and increasing the shelf life of a box, they will work for you to address any flexible packaging challenges you may well have.

They are ideally positioned to service, advise, administer, and decrease the costs of your unique requirements thanks to our experience, reduced overhead business model, a large warehouse facility, and your solid procurement preparation.

Chinese Flexible Packaging Company

Looking for a flexible packaging company that is an all-rounder in innovation,  punctuality, and sustainability in all the sectors with a good service?

Logos Pack

Logos pack logo

Food and Beverage: They provide safe food sources from farm to plate and long-term storage with our airtight covers and shelf-stable Flexible packaging solutions.

Non-Food Packaging: a diverse selection of flexible packaging options for the pharma, cosmetics, and care products industries.

Liquid Packaging: You may pack liquid products in any of their long-lasting and trustworthy bags or pouches. They offer a superb airtight environment and are available in translucent and transparent quantities.

Things To Consider Before Choosing The Right Package

1. Designs Inspired by the Past

The sentimental value of vintage designs cannot be overstated. They make people joyful by evoking simpler times.

2. Labeling that is both transparent and clear

Consumers are concerned with what they consume. Although food packaging provides ingredient details, deciphering the tiny print can be difficult. To list the components of an item, companies are using transparent wrapping and clear labeling.

box package with a tape

Source: Unsplash

3. Minimalist Styles

In packaging design, minimalism is a major trend. Simple, straightforward labeling and packaging have replaced flashy fonts and complicated designs in the packaging business.

4. Colors that vary in intensity

Gradients are becoming increasingly popular in a variety of design fields. Gradients give depth and intricacy to any design if it’s the logo or the custom package.


Food packaging adds brand value, innovation, and awareness along with preservation and easy transportation. As a result, it’s critical to assess your potential purchasers.

For more options, you can visit to get customized, innovative, and sustainable flexible packaging products within your budget.