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The United States is one of the leading nations on earth that have invested heavily in manufacturing; most of their products are shipped worldwide and consumed heavily within their borders. This high demand calls for reliable packaging solutions, and flexible packages are among the most industrious ones. The following are some of the top flexible packaging companies and manufacturers in the USA.

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Logos Pack

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The demand for reliable packaging solutions is one of the reasons why Logos Pack got into the business of manufacturing plastic-based packaging products like pouches and film wraps that are used by food industries within the Fushan region and beyond. Logos Pack is an accredited company that has won awards locally and internationally, which is proof of their excellence in the flexible packaging sector.

Storopack Inc

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STOROpack Inc has been part and parcel of Cincinnati for years now, making flexible packaging materials for various industries within the state and beyond. The company began as a family run business way back in 1874, changing hands over the years as it expanded to finally becoming a global operator in 1978 with over 200 employees. Some of the things they specialize in making include PU foam packaging systems, paper pads, air cushions, among many others that are used in various industries. STOROpak has branches in Germany that act as its distribution points for the European continent.

Apple Converting Inc

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Apple Converting Inc was founded in 1980 in the city of New York and is a reading manufacturer of printed pouches, top lids, bottom webs, flow wraps, twist films, among many other packaging solutions. Some of the industries served by the company include the medical and pharmaceutical companies, food and beverage industries, confectionaries, dairy and chemical industries in general. The company has been able to maintain its relevance over the years due to its ability to adapt to changing times and the embrace of technology.

Golden Eagle Extrusions Inc

Golden Eagle Extrusions Inc


Golden Eagle Extrusions Inc is another seasoned player in the flexible packaging manufacturing sector and has been supplying various companies in the state and beyond for years. Some of the products in the assembly line include film laminations, lidded films, gel packs, nylon, extruded bags, among many others. Their products are used for printing services in the food and beverage industry, the automotive sector, medical and biomedical industries, among others. The products are reliable and always in demand, a reason why they have been able to keep afloat for over four decades.

Assemblies Unlimited Inc

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Located in Bloomingdale, Illinois, assemblies Unlimited Inc is involved in the creation of all kinds of packaging materials used by all kinds of packaging suppliers across the United States. Some of the notable products in their catalog include blister packaging, cartooning, liquid and bottle filling, tube packaging, and a host of other materials used in daily home use. For over 22 years, Assemblies Unlimited Inc has been able to stay on top of the game, fighting off competitions, thanks to its ability to keep up with trends in the manufacturing industry.

Mattpak Inc

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Mattpak is another Illinois based flexible packaging manufacturer that has been in the business since 2001. They mainly create flexible packaging materials for personal and home care products like soaps, lotions, and others. Some of the packaging styles they create include plastic pouches, jars, buckets, and bags of all kinds that can be used to store things for long without anything going bad. One thing that has been working out well for them is the stellar customer service that has helped them net many clients over the years.


Flexible packaging is essential in our day to day lives. It is the safest form of packaging that ensures the things we use and consume never go bad before they are used. Although there are calls for a ban on plastic-based packaging materials, many manufacturers in the business are already exploring options of sustainable solutions that will ensure they stay in business while continuing to serve their clientele as they’ve always had.

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