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Food packaging is a technique used by most food companies to ensure the food products they supply are in good condition and cannot be contaminated. Vancouver is a city in Canada well known to have a good number of companies and others offer food packaging services. It is difficult to pick on the best food packaging companies but this article will give you a guide.

Consider eco-friendly food packaging companies to also save the planet from plastic wastes: all these services are readily available at Logos Pack, which is among the most sustainable food packaging companies in both China and worldwide with the best quality services provided. This article will take you through the best food packaging companies in Vancouver. Keep reading.

List Of The Best Food Packaging Companies In Vancouver Bc

Has it been so difficult for you to find the best food packaging company in Vancouver Bc?  That should not worry you. This article will give you an insight on the best food packaging materials. Below is a list of the best 4 food packaging companies in Vancouver Bc. We will discuss these companies deeply to help you get more information about them to ease your decision-making:

  1. Food Pak
  2. ePac
  3. Chantler Package
  4. Good Natured

Food Pak


Food Pak is located in Vancouver, BC and it started operating in 1968. Food Pak has over 53 years of experience in the food packaging industry making it one of the most reliable packaging companies in Vancouver BC. The dedication and focus of the food Pak team have enabled the company to expand its market to every part of the work.

When you go through the list of fast food packaging companies, Food Pak would be among the top companies. Their quality management teamwork keenly inspects all processes involved from the raw material to the finished products to enable the company to achieve the best quality of packaging in the market.

Products and services offered:

  • Preformed pouches
  • Trays
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Film

Chantler Packages

  • Headquarters: Vancouver, BC
  • Year of establishment: 1930
  • Years of experience: 91 years
  • Products Offered: bakery packaging, produce packaging
Chantler packages Logo


Chantler Packages was established in 1930 by founders John and Ernest Chantler. This food packaging company proves a variety of services including bakery packaging, produce packaging, and many more. They are considered one of the most experienced and oldest companies having operated for more than 91 years. When the discussion is about snack food packaging companies definitely you will never miss Chanter packages.

Products and services offered:


  • Headquarters: Vancouver, Canada
  • Year of establishment: 2016
  • Years of experience: 5 years
  • Products Offered: Lay Flat Pouches, Stand Up Pouches, Rollstock
Epac flexible packaging logo


ePac company was founded in 2016 in Vancouver with an aim to serve the locals with good quality packaging materials. Later, they decided to take on a challenge by competing with well-established food packaging companies in the country and other parts of the world. ePac will help your brand achieve its goals by picking from its sustainable packaging product line.

Products and services offered:

  • Lay Flat Pouches
  • Stand Up Pouches
  • Rollstock
  • Films
  • Child Resistant Packaging
  • Custom Mylar Bags
  • Sustainable Packaging

Good Natured

  • Headquarters: Vancouver, Canada
  • Year of establishment: 2006
  • Years of experience: 16 years
  • Products Offered: Bioplasmic food packaging


The Good natured company was established in 2006 and they are best known for their sustainable packaging. The company is located in Vancouver, Canada and currently, it has expanded its territories in most of the parts of the world. This is because they put more energy into delivering quality products in the market.

Products and services offered:

  • Wraps and bags
  • Custom thermoformed packaging
  • Polymer engineering

Chinese Food Packaging Company

Logos Pack

Logos pack logo


China is another destination that will always hit headlines in food packaging products. They are well known to produce the best quality and a variety of packaging products to pick from. Food packaging companies in China consider quality over price. A good example is Logos Pack. Logos Pack is among the best pet food packaging companies globally. In case you are looking for a reliable manufacturer, Logos Pack will sort all your needs.

Our kids also deserve proper packaging and sometimes we find it difficult to identify the best baby food packaging companies around and this is where Logos Pack comes in. At Logos pack, they will have proper packaging for your pet, baby, and yourself with a wide range of packaging products.

Products And Services Offered:

  • Pouches
  • Bags
  • Recyclable Packaging Products

What you should consider when looking for a food packaging company

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Are you looking for a reliable food packaging company and you don’t have any idea where to start from? Am here to assist you. Keep reading.

  • Customized packaging. In case you want to have food packaging products with your brand names and logo pasted, go for a company that offers customized packaging like Logos Park.
  • Raw Material Quality. For the best food packaging material, you must consider the kind of raw material in use. Best quality raw materials will yield the best output.
  • Variety of options to pick from. Consider a company that will offer you the best and a good number of packaging choices to pick from.


Some of us find it difficult to pick on the best food packaging companies in Vancouver, I believe from this article we all now have a starting point. Proper packaging of food prevents the packed food from contamination that might lead to food poisoning conditions. At Logos Pack, you will find the best quality packaging materials and the best packaging services for any inquiry get in touch.