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There are different packaging pouches like a quad seal, bag-in-box, retort pouch, paper pouch, and plastic pouch. All these materials serve other purposes according to their properties. A plastic pouch is a packaging container made of various types of plastics. The pouch has properties like flexibility, is lightweight, and durability. The bags are applicable in the packaging and transportation of powders, food, chemicals, liquids, and others.

When sourcing for the proper plastic pouch manufacturer, it is vital to consider their company profile and portfolios to know how they have been doing their production. Below are some of the top plastic pouch manufacturers in Bangalore and some details about them. Read on

Logos Pack

Logos pack logo

Since its inception in 2004, Logos Pack has been supplying packaging solutions to various companies. Even though the company is situated in China, its services reach worldwide, including Bangalore. The products at Logos Pack are top-notch, making them among the leading packaging manufacturers. Their products include stand-up pouches, pouches with a tap, flat bottom pouches, retort pouches, etc.

Plastic pouches are also included in the product list. They use both PP and PE plastic as the raw materials. These two types of plastics are 100% recyclable, contributing to environmental sustainability. The services at Logos Pack include customization where the clients get what they pay for according to their specifications. Additionally, they serve both the food and the non-food industries.

Multiflex Packaging India

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Multiflex Packaging India was started in 2004 as a manufacturer of flexible packaging solutions. The company is located in Bangalore, Karnataka, and produces packaging pouches for food and non-food industries across India. The staff at Multiflex is highly qualified, leading to a trustworthy relationship between the company and its clients. The plastic pouches at Multiflex permit the packaging of dairy products, flour, snacks, sugar, cereals, etc.

Non-food products are fertilizers, automobile spare parts, stationary, and many more. Over the years, Multiflex has expanded its services and capabilities, making them among the top plastic pouch manufacturers in India. Also, their quality products are contributing to their reputation in the market.

Color Flex

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Source: www.colorflex.in

Color Flex is a packaging material manufacturer in Bangalore, India. They produce various packaging pouches from stand-up pouches, three-sided, six-sided, zip lock, etc. Color Flex offers its customers customization services so that the packaging can represent their specific brands perfectly. The different materials used to produce these plastic pouches are PET, BOPP, and PVC. Apart from plastic pouches, other bags are also available. 

The products at Color Flex are applicable in various industries such as agriculture, chemical, food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, among others. The management comprises experienced personnel who desire to integrate modern technology and ideology into their production process to enhance their services and products. Color Flex has remained to be a leader in the Indian market for a long time.

Ujjwal Poly Pack

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Ujjwal Poly Pack is a company concerned with the manufacturing of packaging bags in Bangalore. The company was established in 2002 and is under Poly Pack Industries. They supply carry bags, shopping bags, pouches, multi-colored poly bags, and so on. Ujjwal is recognized as a leader in India’s industry, and its vision is to become a world-class enterprise that supplies products across the globe.

The operations at Ujjwal Poly Pack undergo inspection and improvements regularly to ensure high-quality manufacturing and other services offered at their facility. Moreover, they own a modern factory that has state-of-the-art machines to enable them to meet their goals. Ujjwal’s plastic solutions are categorized into three; high-density polyethylene (HDPE), low-density polyethylene (LDPE), and polypropylene.

Parvathi Plastics

Parvathi Plastics

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Parvathi Plastic was established in 1995 in Bangalore. Parvathi Plastics is a manufacturer and supplier of plastic bags and pouches from PP to HDPE. The company is very creative in its production and is now setting the bar high for its competitors. Their factory is equipped with the latest machines, and a staff of qualified personnel operates them. Parvathi Plastics has continued to put more effort into its production processes.

The industries that Parvathi serves are pharmaceutical, food, industrial, and liquid packaging. Additionally, Parvathi has an annual capacity of 2,000 metric tons, which is impressive for any company. They also have a lab where products are tested for various properties such as durability, quality, and flexibility.


India is a very industrial country, and Bangalore is at the center of industrialization. The packaging industry is growing at a fast pace to keep up with the growing number of other industries that require packaging. Companies like Logos Pack are at the forefront of the packaging industry with plastic pouches and other packaging products. We have been in business for over 15 years serving the world with our quality packaging solutions.

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