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As a business, one of the most challenging tasks is finding the right packaging solutions for your products. This can prove to be quite a daunting task especially when you have no idea what to look for.

However, seeing as the packaging industry has evolved over time, you find that you are spoilt for choice. One of the most sought after solutions is the flexible packaging options.

These packages come with amazing benefits and are quite convenient in that cut costs greatly. With this in mind, finding the right manufacturers should be your main target. Here are the best flexible packaging manufacturers in India.

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Logos Pack

This flexible packaging company prides itself on providing quality solutions and working towards becoming the leading manufacturers in the industry. They embrace technology and innovation ensuring that their clients get the best products in quality and also function. 

Logos pack was established in 2004 and has acquired great experience. They uphold the highest levels of safety by ensuring all their raw materials are approved by the relevant authorities.

Products provided are designed to be environmentally friendly and sustainable in any application. They have developed their systems and export their products and services worldwide to service different countries including India.

Asian Flexi Pack

Asian Flexi pack was founded in the year 2009 and has become an industry sensation in everything flexible packaging. The flexible packaging company specializes in creating quality packaging options tailored to their customer’s designs. The best part about working with this company is the fact that they have established an exporting system that you can rely on. They are located in Gujarat, India.

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Flexible Company Packaging

This company has been around for decades and claims to be the first flexible packaging company established in India. It works with a dedicated team of over 70 people to produce high-quality packaging solutions for all its clients. The flexible company makes use of technology and innovation abilities to take make their processes easier. They are located in New Delhi, India.

Safe Pack Solutions

Safe pack solution is a flexible packaging company that boasts over 100 years of experience in this industry. They strive to not only achieve customer satisfaction but also put a smile on their faces. They work with the latest technology to ensure their products are sturdy and last for long. They work with businesses from different industries which means you can consult them. They are located in Pune India but also have offices across the country as well as overseas.

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TCPL logo


TCPL Packing Limited

TCPL packing limited was founded in 1990 venturing into the manufacture of carton packages. They have since then evolved to different innovations in the flexible packaging industry. The company has established its roots in India with offices all over the country. They work with a staff of over 1600 people who strive to ensure that all products produced are up to standard. Their head office is located in Mumbai, India.

Eskay flex logo


Eskay Flexible Packaging

Eskay flexible packaging company has been in business for over 20 years and works to provide amazing packages to its clients. They specialize in the printing and conversion of flexible packaging materials to attain their end products. Their packaging solutions can be used in a variety of applications in different industries. They are located in Maharashtra, India.

Mahalaxmi Packaging

The Mahalaxmi packaging company was established in 2000 and works with a team of highly skilled professionals. They are mainly geared toward providing packaging solutions for the food industry. This means that they would be a great option if you run a restaurant or a food business. They work with the latest technology to ensure that all their products are of great quality. They are located in Ghaziabad, India.

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Wheels Flexible Packaging

The Wheel flexible packaging company prides itself on perfection and incredible packaging inventions. It was founded in 1922 with a staff of only 20 people and has grown to over 500 people on their payroll.

They have scaled their business and are dealing with exports to over 15 countries. The company works to provide quality products that are consistent and personalized to your specific requirements. They are located in Gujarat, India.

Subham Pack

This company was founded in 1998 under a different name and later rebranded in 2002. They boast a great array of different clients both locally and internationally. They work to ensure that their products are well designed and developed to meet their customer’s needs. The Subham pack company is located in Faridabad, India.

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Paharpur 3P logo


Paharpur 3P

Paharpur 3P is a flexible packaging company that was established in 1986 and works on creating different packaging options. They cater to different industries across the board offering a wide range of products. They are located in Sahibabad, India.


Flexible packaging manufacturers in India work to create quality and sustainable products. If you are looking for one to work with, the curated list will help make things easier. Take your time and find one that works for you.

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