09 May,2020

Logos pack is dedicated to achieving the goals set by the company, as well as its global partners, with regard to packaging sustainability. With a common vision of a better future planet, Logos pack innovates for the development of the next generation of flexible packaging: 100% recyclable film.

100% recyclable film means that the packaging made of by this film could be recycled completely. Following several years of R&D team research on flexible packaging design for recycling, the specific target for the development of this range was to convert conventional formulations into recyclable equivalents, whilst simultaneously preserving the protective properties and functionality of the original traditional materials.

Complementing the sustainability benefits already offered by the flexibles, the recyclable film can combine recyclability, high-protective properties, high-performance, and many-fold add-on packaging functionalities together, to meet the diversified needs and packaging requirements of the company’s customers internationally.

The benefits brought by Logos’s recyclable film are summarized as follows: 

High barrier properties

The new recyclable solutions can offer high-protective properties against humidity and oxygen. They are therefore suitable for packaging a wide range of products, protecting the packed products with a long shelf-life.

Excellent shelf-appeal

The film is suitable for high-quality reverse or surface printing for the integration of graphics and end-of-life messages to help boost consumer engagement with recycling. Also, the films’ high resistance to puncture and appropriate stiffness add safety during packaging and transportation, thus delivering the right packaging format and look for excellent shelf-appeal. 


Thanks to their mechanical properties, the recyclable films have demonstrated very good performance on various packaging machines, and they are also compatible with zippers and common degassing valves for roasted coffee packaging. A secure sealing is guaranteed, even, in certain cases, at lower temperatures compared to the ones required for sealing of non-recyclable laminates.

By replacing traditional film structures with recyclable film aims to help solve its customers’ sustainability challenges, adding recyclability to its already high-performance packaging films. These solutions can be applied to various existing packaging lines and formats and are suitable for packaging a broad range of consumer goods, serving as the perfect fit for the Circular Economy.

In recent years, Logos Pack has committed to bring less packaging waste and constantly updates its clients on any recent development with regard to eco-packaging.


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