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Flexible packaging is big business in Australia as it is in other parts of the world. It is the pillar of safety standards that are enforced when it comes to dealing with consumer goods, and to that extent, companies are subjected to strict laws that ensure consumers are protected. The following are the ten flexible packaging companies in Australia

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Logos Pack

Logos Pack has been in the business of creating flexible material for packaging for over 15 yeast and the company is still going strong. Some of the products they are specialized in making include pouches and film wraps that are used widely in food packaging. Logos Pack is a certified manufacturer that has won awards for its high-quality products that are highly sought overseas. Logos Pack is located in Foshan, China.

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Econopak Flexible Packaging Limited

With a huge manufacturing capacity that sees the company supply the whole of Australia and beyond, Econopak Flexible Packaging company has been around for quite a while. The company is currently owned by the Gundle Plastics Limited and is heavily involved in the manufacture of high-quality plastic film packaging products. They pride themselves in the manufacture of biodegradable products.

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Australian Packaging

Established 38 years ago, Australian Packaging is another big player in the flexible packaging sector whose reach encompasses various industries, especially the food sector. They are known for food-safe packaging solutions that come with beautiful branding and a wide range of options. Sustainability is at the core of the company’s operations, and that’s what has been helping them stay at the top of their game for all these years.

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Wing Flexible Packaging

Located in Lonsdale, the Wing Flexible Packaging company is one of the top flexible packaging companies in the region and has been in the manufacturing business since 2000. The company has invested heavily in technological solutions that ensure most of its products meet all the standards required for packaging solutions.

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Flexible Packaging Solutions

Best known as FPS, the company was established in 1970 in Brisbane and has been reinventing itself over the years, jumping onto any new technology that comes up, an adaptation trait that has ensured the company stays competitive in a fast-changing market. They serve a wide range of industries that include food, pet care, home and personal care, industrial, among many others.

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Bemis Flexible Packaging Australasia

The company was founded in 1988 and is involved in the manufacture of plastic and laminated coated bags that are used in the storage and packaging of various products. With time the company has been able to rebrand itself, keeping up with the times, embracing technology to further cement its position in the industry. The company is part of the Amco group of companies.

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Pro-Pac Packaging

This is a New South Wales company that specializes in the making of packaging material widely used by those in the food and processing, agricultural, industrial, warehousing, and logistics industries. The company has distribution networks in other countries like New Zealand and Canada. Pro-Pac Packaging has been operational since 1987.

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Huhtamaki Australia Pty Ltd

The Huhtamaki Australia Pty Ltd is one of the oldest packaging manufacturers in Australia and has distribution centers in over 36 countries around the world. With an employee force of over 18,000, it is safe to say that they are a behemoth in flexible packaging manufacturing. Their products are used in the food industry, retail, and catering, personal home care, as well as the pet industry.

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Titan Packaging

Titan Packaging is another big Australian flexible packaging maker that’s located in Heidelberg West, Melbourne. The company is the largest maker of flexible packaging in that region, and a majority of its products are used in the food industry. Their most popular items are the small plastic containers that are used for packaging powders, grains, and liquids, all products that are in high demand all over.

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Supreme Packaging

Established in 1980 in Clayton, Victoria, Supreme Packaging has been making printed and plain packaging flexible materials for a host of Australian companies over the years. It has created a very strong relationship with its clients in that period, gaining itself a very loyal customer base. The company supplies fresh produce farmers, bakeries, horticultural farms, and packaging firms, and other general packaging solutions.

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There are countless other manufacturers of flexible packaging materials around Australia worth mentioning. Most of them are found online, which makes accessing information about the easy and available to anyone wishing to make contact. If you are a business entity looking for packaging solutions in Australia, then this list should help start you off in your search.

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