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Struggling to find the best food packaging company in the USA? Worry no more. We’ve listed the top 5 food packaging companies in the US for you!

Packaging is the wrapping of goods, objects, or packages in a pouch, sack, container, mug, tray, bottle, or other vessels to fulfill one or more of the following: confinement, protection, storage, communication, convenience, or efficiency.

It is a dependable method of ensuring safe, cost-effective, and in-tact delivery to the ultimate customer.

Food packaging is an innovative function that aims to reduce delivery expenses and increase sales (and hence profits).

List of The Best Food Packaging Companies In USA

Here is an outline of the top 5 food packaging companies in USA:

  1. Aaron Thomas Company
  2. Econo-pak
  3. Aptar Food Protection
  4. Landry Flexpack
  5. Netpak

Top 5 Food Packaging Companies In USA

1. Aaron Thomas Company

  • Type of Business: Contract Packaging Company
  • Location (Headquarters): Chapman Avenue Garden Grove, CA 92841 
  • Year Founded: 1973

Products offered:

  • Pouching, shaped pouches
  • Stick Packaging, blister packaging
  • Bundle Wrapping, shrink wrapping
  • Flow Wrapping
  • Tube Filling
Aaron Thomas Company logo

Source: Aaron Thomas Company

Aaron Thomas Company is a snack, nutraceutical, and organic produce packaging solutions producer and contract packager. There are places in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Memphis where they provide service.

Their increased automated package services help you get your items to market faster and in better condition. They’re SQF Level 2, and QAI certified, and they’ve been examined by the AIB.

2. Econo-pak

  • Type of Business: Food Packaging solutions
  • Location (Headquarters): Milford, PA 18337
  • Year Founded: 1990

Products offered:

  • Packaging for cookies, candies, pasta, muffins, and other confectioneries
  • Packaging for seasonings, flavorings, and other dry foods
  • Wet packaging for drink mixes
Econo-pak company logo

Source: Econo-Pak

The Wiebel family started Econo-Pak as a contract packaging firm over 30 years ago. Today, the Wiebel company, which is in its 3rd generation, is committed to creating Econo-Pak, North America’s leading food packager.

To fuel Econo-Pak’s growth, they are focused on ongoing progress through a top quality system, updated additional hardware, and manufacturing performance models.

They are a rapid startup, having been owned and run for 40 years and serving medium to small business enterprises.

3. Aptar Food Protection

  • Type of Business: Flexible Packaging manufacturer
  • Location (Headquarters): 1280 Theberge, Marieville, Quebec, J3M 1B3
  • Year Founded: 1973

Products offered:

  • Protective packaging
  • Absorbent Packaging
  • Ribbed trays
  • Lidding films
  • Hydrated Frozen Sheets
Aptar company logo

Source: Aptar Food Protection

Aptar Food + Beverage collaborates with customers to provide solutions that are suited to their unique requirements. These solutions are patented semi-automated and automatic cutting equipment to boost in-plant productivity.

They also supply the material and technique for sealing the trays with lidding film.

Aptar Food + Beverage will design innovative solutions that help prolonged freshness and increase safety for fresh fruit and vegetables and seafood, either requiring a custom packaging system or one of their regular products.

4. Landry Flexpack

  • Type of Business: Flexible Packaging
  • Location (Headquarters): Marieville, QC J3M 1B3, Canada
  • Year Founded:

Products offered:

  • Sachets
  • 3-side seal pouch
  • Pillow pack, stick pack
  • Flow wrap, lidding and coffee bags
  • Pouches
Landry flexible packaging company logo

Landry Flexible Packaging is a leading provider of flexible packaging materials particularly for the food sector in North America. They service small, moderate, and large clients in Canada and the U.S. from their primary plant far outside Montreal.

Landry stands apart from the competitors because of its in-depth grasp of the client’s objectives, product technical specifications, and persistent commitment to producing high-quality printing.

5. Netpak

  • Type of Business: Packaging Solutions
  • Location (Headquarters): Quebec HIJ 3A7
  • Year Founded: 2003

Products offered:

  • Folding cartons
  • Paperboard
  • Enhanced printing
Netpak company logo

Source: Netpak

Netpak is the biggest privately owned folding cartons and hard copy box producer in Quebec. It is propelled by innovation based on the most up-to-date European patterns, methods, processes, and techniques.

Netpak’s customer-centric approach enables them to employ their team of industry specialists to give assistance and creative vision from the idea stages to the final product. They’re recognized for their rapid turnaround times and high productivity.

Netpak obtains high-quality material from a global range of suppliers, allowing for faster time-to-market, greater flexibility, and the capacity to deliver cost-effective alternative carton options.

Chinese Food Packaging Company

Looking for a food packaging company that is an all-rounder in designs,  versatility, and sustainability itself in all the sectors with a good service?

Logos Pack

Logos pack logo

All goods are developed, produced, and quality tested at the Logos Pack facility, which is equipped with cutting-edge technology. All production operations are carried out by well-trained workers who work hard to guarantee that each product unit meets our high quality requirements.

All of their flexible packaging products are manufactured using FDA and SGS approved raw materials, and their manufacturing processes are also compliant with international safety requirements, as evidenced by their several international certificates.

Types of Food Packages

  • Processing in an aseptic environment

This is for items that are sterile and must be kept that way. These include fluid eggs, milk dairy product beverages, as well as other highly processed foods that must be kept for prolonged periods of time.

  • Trays 

This is a very self-explanatory category. Cuts of meat, plant seeds, and beverages can all be transported on trays.

  • Bags

Like trays, they are a frequent food packing option. Bagged munchies (chips, pretzels) and fruit are the most well-known (apples, potatoes).

Source: Pinterest

  • Boxes

Food products are transported in boxes because they are the most convenient mode of transportation. Metal, perforated fiberboard, and timber are the most prevalent materials found in boxes.

  • Cans

Cans are also a great method to keep food fresh and carry it. Most store-bought cans, as well as glass containers used to can goods at home, are composed of steel and other thin metals.

  • Cartons

Cartons, like boxes, are composed of perforated fiberboard.


Food packaging serves a variety of functions, from preserving food to determining portion amounts and providing information about the product. As a result, it’s critical to have a broad picture before reaching a choice.

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